Donnaul and Brian Gleeson share their new sitcom, Tips from Dad, and Nightlife in Dublin

Channel 4 has always been the patron saint of incredible Irish comedy. This is after all Father Ted, One of the best television shows ever made in Ireland, aired for the first time and has been an inspiration to Irish writers, comics and artists for over 25 years.

No wonder the channel is re-exporting in the form of exciting Irish comedy Frank de Irlande, A new sitcom thirty-two-year-old Frank was also centered around his intellectually challenged best friend, Dufus.

The couple are played by two of Ireland’s most famous actors, brothers Donald and Brian Gleeson, each of whom is a real star of their own, involved in the world’s largest television and film production. Brian is the classic RTÉ of the last decade Love and hate A recent breakthrough as Jimmy McCawen on the hit Cillian Murphy TV show Peek-a-boo blinds, Domhall appears in blockbuster movie franchises like Star Wars And Harry Potter, Both talented can be seen as beacons of hope about the potential of Irish actors.

In Frank de Irlande The brothers, who wrote the show with friend Michael Moloney, are getting a little closer to home. In fact, they moved back to Malahide in North County Dublin, where they grew up under the watchful eye of their mother Mary Weldon and father Brendan Gleeson – but you already knew that.

Donal et al Brian Gleeson ‘Frank of Ireland’

For all the pearls of wisdom in their old man’s showbiz, they came in abundance, says Gleason. “In terms of advice, there’s been a lot over the years,” he continues. “One of the most important things to me is that he told me very early on that if you are not working, it is important to keep your own work and keep busy and creative. “

“Brian and I have been very busy for the last two years, but as an actor you have some free time. We tried to set aside every minute for creation Frank de Irlande“Dad is in it too, he’s in the sixth episode, so the circle has reached the full circle.”

So, it makes perfect sense to channel couples their creative energy into a project that gives them a star vehicle and the opportunity to write about what they know best: their homeland and their people.

“We don’t really say exactly where it is, but it grew on the north coast of County Dublin, around Malahide and Howe. The return to our own was great. We filmed most of the outdoors in these places and relaxed in Belfast. ”

“We are just happy to be in the series,” he said. Working with an Irish cast and crew, both in the North and the South, is a joy and I always want to be back, ”Domnall said.

Frank of Ireland by Domnal et Bryan Gleeson Dance
Frank of Ireland by Domnal et Bryan Gleeson Dance

That’s right, these roles are not an opportunity for the Gleesons to live up to their greatest fantasies, they portray the men they have always dreamed of. Frank and Dufus are energetic with this guy at your school, and the big night of your last night leaving the transition year to get a part-time job behind the deli counter and play darts is the dullest Christmas you meet every year. Determine your preference for plain or spicy chicken.

Coincidentally, Domhall’s character Dufus literally works in a local supermarket, while our main protagonist Frank, played by Brian, is a musician and lyricist who has not wanted to write a song for almost six years.

Speaking of big parties, the first episode sees Frank himself descending into a wild night in Dublin City Center, which takes him to the next level according to the date the yoke was produced, although the characters are strictly referring to ‘MDMA’ pills. As you might expect from any sitcom that contains Irish and alcohol, trouble is brewing!

Although these scenes are mostly set in a non-descriptive pub, we could not have imagined that this place was meant to evoke the atmosphere of some of Dublin’s most infamous nightlife venues.

Brian Gleeson, Sarah Green Dance 'Frank of Ireland'
Brian Gleeson, Sarah Green Dance ‘Frank of Ireland’

“We filmed this scene with a lot of festivities at Dam Lane and Temple Bar, and we wanted to convey that feeling because it was a crazy night in town,” Brian explained.

“Frank is like a cogarer, I started going to town at a young age and you know nowhere, you find yourself in every obvious tourist destination because you don’t really know the scene,” Domnal added.

What about their own preferences for a good night in the dirty old town? Bryan says you’re more likely to find a pair at Dublin’s popular Old Man pubs than throwing them in copper form – or that’s an option right now.

If the star power of the three members of the Gleeson family is not enough, not one, not two in the series, top-tier supporting actors, including Sarah Green, will further strengthen Sitcom. Inside Ordinary people.Like Connell’s caring mother, although age is very close.

When you think you can no longer wrap up the best in Ireland into a thirty minute TV show, you realize it Frank de Irlande It was produced by none other than Sharon Horgan, the creator and star of the hilarious Romcom series. Catastrophe Rob Delaney plays an American husband, and at the same time has a heart attack and a heart attack. This way up With fellow Irish actress Iceling Bia.

If three gleason, one Ordinary people Alumni and Sharon Horgan’s seal of approval are not enough to convince you, the only way is to log in and see for yourself. Everything Frank de Irlande Now available for streaming on all 4s. You can check out a trailer for the show below.

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