Donaldson will be the next leader in Northern Ireland DUP – Economics and Finance

Donaldson will be the next leader in Northern Ireland DUP - Economics and Finance

The Democratic Unity Party of Northern Ireland is likely to elect Westminster MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson as its next leader within two weeks.

Donaldson almost lost to Edwin Putts in the May campaign to choose the successor of Arlene Foster, who was ousted due to political and social unrest in Northern Ireland.

Putts himself The leader of the DUP resigned dramatically On Thursday, he agreed to give concessions to the nationalist Sinn Fin party to retain power-sharing government in Northern Ireland, much to the chagrin of many in his party.

The DUP is the largest political party in the Stormont Parliament and has the right to appoint the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.

Lord Nigel Dodds, former deputy leader of the Democratic Progressive Party, said: “Donaldson is the absolute best candidate and the most popular candidate for the next party leader.”

Stormont MP Jim Wells lost the leadership of the Party for Democratic Unity led by Foster, claiming that Donaldson had rejected the leadership of the party.

Rep Donaldson, a more moderate union than Putz, did not respond to requests for comment.

Dodds and Wells said the process of appointing the next DUP leader would begin over the weekend. The appointment deadline can be one or two weeks.

The new leader will soon face a tough decision on whether to cooperate with the northern Irish government, subject to conditions agreed by Putus, Sinn Fin and a UK minister this week.

Boots agreed that Westminster would legislate to protect and promote the quality of the Irish language, which had provoked DUP members and their members in Stormont.

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Sinn Fin said he would continue to rule with the DUP only if the Northern Ireland Parliament passed legislation soon.

The DUP refused to accept, but the blockade ended when the British government said it would pass legislation in Westminster.

Asked if power sharing would be disrupted due to Irish language issues, Dordz said both Sinn Fin and the UK government have very serious responsibilities and that any action should be handed over to Stormont.

He also said that Northern Irish political parties should not legislate faster than other measures approved when the local government was re-established last year.

Wells said it could lead to the downfall of the government, because … we can not allow Sinn Fെയിin to run to Westminster … whenever there is a crisis.

The new DUP leader must also decide whether to support him Given by Paul Paul Loss Foster’s successor was the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.

Putus announced Shay as prime minister on Thursday, and the two are close allies.

A person close to Sinn Fin said that despite the changes in the leadership of the DUP, the party’s position on Irish language legislation has not changed. With 40 prime ministers from now on, the British government is committed to legislating in Westminster, ”he added.

David Campbell, chairman of the Loyalty Community Committee, which represents some of the major paramilitary groups, said the Democratic Unity was destroying the party and increasing the sense of estrangement between grassroots loyalists and Stonemont’s political elite.

“It simply came to our notice then [Poots] Quit jumping [in talks with Sinn Féin] When he said his leadership would not take the risk of sharing power, Campbell added.

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When Boots developed a four-year plan to resolve controversial laws, the meeting between the DUP and the Loyal Community Committee sparked a huge wake-up call that spread across the Irish Sea after Brexit. We told him he was not four months old, ”Campbell added.

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