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Donald Trump is not a fan of British comic Sacha Baron Cohen. Pic: Borat 2/Amazon Prime Video

Donald Trump has branded Sacha Baron Cohen “a phone boy” and “a creep” after introducing the British comedian’s president’s lawyer in his new Borat movie.

Documentary – Borat sequel to the film – Rudy Giuliani as one Compromise position A young woman works as a journalist in a hotel room.

When asked about the incident during his private Jet Air Force One voyage, Trump said he did not know what happened.

However, he had an opinion Baron Cohen, He told reporters: “You know, he tried to fool me years ago.

“I was the only one who said: ‘No, this guy is a joker.’ I do not see him as a joker. He’s a jerk to me. “

In 2003, he briefly interviewed Trump on Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G show, but walked away from the cameras a minute later.

At the same time, Giuliani insists that the Borat footage is a complete fabrication – and that his hand only bites his shirt.

In the sequel to the 2006 Borat original, the film shows Mr. Giuliani on a bed with his hand out of the trustee after helping the young woman remove the recording equipment.

He tweeted that he was inappropriate in any way, accusing Baron Cohen of being a stone-cold liar.

Giuliani told his 841,000 followers that he had called the police.

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Meanwhile, the actress – who plays Borat’s “15-year-old daughter” – falls at Trump’s feet and shakes hands with her son Donald Jr.

In a clip shared on Borat’s official Twitter account, Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, who plays the tutor, seems to be in the same room as the president, as we said in White House.

A voiceover says “no security check or COVID check required, they are boring”.

All that is needed for 2020 – a giant, half-naked borat

Tutor, who appears to be playing a TV journalist in the September 20 clip, asks a reporter: “Why are all the fake journalists on the left and no one on the right?”

The White House has not commented on the security breach.

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Earlier this week, a large borate flowed from the Thames to promote the film.

The critical response to Borat 2, which follows an imaginary Kazakh journalist on a trip to the US, has been largely positive.

The Borat sequel movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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