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Donald Trump Jr. Test Negative, Father Takes COVID “Seriously” – Deadline

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“I talked to him this morning,” Donald Trump Jr. told Tucker Carlson about his father, who was hospitalized Friday night. “He takes it seriously, but it’s business as usual. I am 42 years old. I do not know if I have ever seen him have ellipticals or something. He is a fighter. ”

The 74-year-old elder Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital an hour or so before media reports about the nature of the president’s corona virus infection worsened.

“They’re bringing him to Walter Reed for no particular reason but to be vigilant,” Trump Jr. told the Fox News host. “He was not brought there – contrary to what the conspiracy theorists say – nothing but extreme caution.”

Donald Trump’s campaign manager is the latest to test positive for Covid-19; Potts affected by the new treatment “do very well”

Trump Zion said, “This is about running a free world, which is business as usual. He is still working. ”

Just before Trump Jr.’s interview Tucker Carlson tonightCNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported that a presidential adviser had told him “this is serious”. Acosta said the source described Trump as “too tired, too tired, too hard to breathe.”

One of the primary complications with the corona virus – influenza in general – is Trump’s respiratory problems. That is why ventilators were so scarce at the beginning of the pandemic: they help critically ill patients to breathe.

It should be noted that Trump’s father died of pneumonia, an infection sometimes caused by influenza, which eliminates air sacs in the lungs. This makes it difficult to breathe.

Trump’s grandfather died in 1918 of the Great American Influenza. Walking down the street with Trump’s father – 12 years old at the time – fell ill, fell asleep, and died 48 hours later.

But Trump Jr. was optimistic Friday, especially about his father’s constitution.

“Usually when I talk to my dad, it’s after midnight, he’s still in the Oval Office. My father was always a worker. ”

To the rest of the family who have been exposing the president without masks for the past few days, he said, “Ivanka and Jared have tested negative. I tried the negative. The others in the family seem to be very nice. ”

For Presidential Adviser Hope Hicks, the White House may or may not have the patience to explode, “she said.” “I texted her a while ago. She wants to get it back. ”

There are others who have recently tested positive in the president’s orbit. First Lady Melania Trump’s positive diagnosis was announced at the same time as the President. Two members of the White House Press Corp. reported Friday afternoon that they had tested positive for the corona virus, as well as a White House employee sitting near the West Wing reporters’ meeting place.

An event at the White House over the weekend could turn out to be a super-spreader event among the DC elites, the Washington Post:

Sen. Thom Tillis became the second senator to declare a positive test on Friday, following Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. The two Republican senators were at the same time that Trump announced Amy Comey Barrett as the Supreme Court nominee on Saturday. Tillis met with her at the Capitol on Thursday. He had a personal discussion with Democrat Carl Cunningham.

The video of the mask-less Lee embracing at the event is, in the past, related.

But Trump Jr. was confident that the explosion on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would not spread.

“The protocols around my father are amazing,” he told Carlson. “You know, Kimberly [Guilfoyle] Got it, the only way we know is that they are testing everyone around him. If he can achieve it, anyone can. ”

Personally, Trump Jr. said, “I’m going to take a week off until Tuesday. I will be tested again, and if I am negative, get out of the way and campaign. ”

What about his father? What about the conversations with Joe Biden?

“I do not know,” Trump said. “I think he’ll be back in 10-14 days.”

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