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Donald Trump and First Lady are test positive for Kovid-19

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US President Donald Trump has confirmed that he and First Lady Melania tested positive for Covid-19, adding that the embargo recovery process will begin soon.

Trump tweeted while announcing the test results. The news was later confirmed in a letter from the president’s doctor.

The White House House of Representatives has confirmed that President Trump will carry out his sanctions during the “within the White House.”

They are both fine, ”said Dr. Sean Conley. “I hope the president will continue his duties uninterrupted when he recovers.”

The administration today removed the campaign trip to Florida from Trump’s schedule.

He was scheduled to perform at Sanford Airport, but his new agenda lists a phone call as “Kovid-19 support for vulnerable adults.”

Earlier, Trump himself and First Lady Melania Trump confirmed that they were waiting for a corona virus test result.

White House adviser Hope Hicks has been very close to Trump in recent days.

Ms Hicks, a former White House communications director, is a top adviser and close aide to Donald Trump.

They traveled with Trump several times this week, including the presidential helicopter Marine One, a rally in Minnesota on Wednesday, and the first presidential talks in Air Force One from Ohio to Tuesday night.

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Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that the positive test result of Hope Hicks was terrible.

He said he and the first lady were waiting for their test results and in the meantime there would be shipbuilding.

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hanity that it was difficult for him and those close to him to avoid the virus because so many people, including members of the military, were trying to interact with them.

Trump said: “I went out for an experiment, which I will do later, and as a first lady we spend a lot of time with Hope.”

Hope Hicks, former White House communications director

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