Donald Trump acquitted, impeachment not passed: Compact Republican senators

The Senate acquitted him Donald Trump In the second process ofImpeachmentHe was accused of inciting the Congress to attack. There were 57 votes in favor of the sentence, including seven from Republicans. There were 43 of them. Conviction requires 67 votes, or two-thirds of 100 senators. On the last day of the trial, there was an amazing opening. At the beginning of the session, he said that the Democrats wanted to hear the facts and witnesses and imposed a vote validating their request. The move caused total confusion in the courtroom: some senators admitted they did not know exactly what they were voting for. Five Republicans joined Democrats, including Senator Lindsay Abraham, who changed his mind after initially expressing a negative opinion.

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Phone call
The attack began last night, when Republican Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Butler reported the contents of a phone call to Donald Trump and one of his most loyal Republican MPs on January 6: Kevin McCarthy siege of the Capitol from the crowd. You have to stop them – McCarthy himself would have told his colleague that McTow told the President – you should go on TV now! Write on Twitter and ask them to back off. After hearing the false rumors suggested by the anarchist matrix, Trump said, “They are not mine. McCarthy makes it clear to him that the rebels who broke a window to enter his office were Trumpians. Trump concluded before the new crowd cheered on Twitter against “traitor” Mike Pence for refusing to cancel the presidential election.

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Evidence contradicts the defense’s paper that Trump was unaware of the state of emergency in Capitol and that he could not intervene to avoid siege and death for this reason. But this was only a detail of a political process, the result of which was obvious. Unlike a court of law, the structure of the trial requires that laws be discussed between the leaders of both parties in an impeachment in the Senate where a code is outlined, and the rush of this second impeachment created approximate rules. A two-hour indefinite suspension was imposed yesterday after Republicans threatened to file a lawsuit against Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They have more responsibility than Trump. Trump spokesman Jason Miller artistically circulated a list of 301 witnesses. Hundreds of senators with suitcases and travel tickets in the courtroom were ready to leave the capital for the winter break. Biden, two miles from Pennsylvania Avenue, was eager to see the over, and the current government has distracted him from the emergency.

Eventually an agreement was reached between Schumer and McConnell. Butler’s testimony was accepted in writing, allowing the Republican document to be included when competing for the authenticity of the content, leaving out the citations they threatened. Discussions resumed with a few dangers along the way and moved on to the announced conclusion. Democratic speakers in the chamber turned to making final appeals: “The robbers are paying attention to us.” “Trump knowingly betrayed his country.” “The future of America is in your hands – Jamie Raskin told senators before the vote – the fate you are about to express will define the memory you leave in this room.” Defense attorney Van der Veer responded that the riot was premeditated and that Trump had no role in fueling it, and that a sentencing would set a dangerous precedent for politicizing justice.

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