Dolphins raising other animals’ calves were photographed

Dolphins raising other animals' calves were photographed

The Far Out Ocean Research Collective Team observed a special boat owl dolphin near Pihia, New Zealand. IFLScience. With the girl there is a specimen of another species, a young round-headed head dolphin.

Experts say the calf was having an affair with a female and the young man was adopted.

The similar relationship between species is not unprecedented. Jochen SaismarAccording to the team member, botanical dolphins are known to occasionally start breeding calves of other species, although the animals take the same size or smaller specimens with them. Circular dolphins grow much larger than bottlenose dolphins.

According to Size, selflessness is not always behind such cases. Other bottled water calves are abducted, possibly due to improper maternity leave.

The female is now observed swimming with a small group of wolffish dolphins and circular dolphins, and similar mixtures are not uncommon in New Zealand waters. The calf is likely to eventually return to its breeders, perhaps to its original mother.

According to Size, adoption usually lasts a few months. As the young man grows older than his temporary mother, he will not get enough milk after a while. However, there is no need to worry: circular dolphins often feed on other female calves as well.

Circular dolphins and botanical dolphins are well-matched, and Far Out Ocean Research has not observed collective racial aggression. Saysomers is confident that the strange couple will be seen again later. The female has been seen several times before, and this model has been known since 2005.

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