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Does Jamie Dornan really sing in movies?

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After Downton Abbey II: A New Age, Viewers can (re)watch Belfast On Canal+ This Tuesday, November 8 at 11:10 pm. Kenneth Branagh’s play, set in August 1969 in Belfast, follows the story of 9-year-old Buddy, who lives in a popular part of town where everyone knows each other. But his and his neighborhood’s peaceful existence, which is mostly Catholic in a Protestant city, is turned upside down when Protestants take to the streets to demonstrate violently, causing great damage. A few hours later, the residents of the district, still scarred by this brutal intervention, erected barricades to prevent future looting. With the army deployed on the streets, Buddy’s father returns from England where he has been working. In this film’s cast, loosely inspired by director Kenneth Branagh’s childhood, we find Judi Dench, Who faced the series violently the crownThe Star of the series Outlander Caitriona BalfeJude Hill, likewise Jamie DornanHis singing talent was unveiled on the occasion.

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Jamie Dornan reveals his beautiful voice Belfast

After pushing the song for the soundtrack Fifty shades lighter, Jamie Dornan reprises his voice for the British drama. The actor revealed extra that it was likeA liberation“Must be able to sing Belfast. “It comes at a point where you really want it, you feel like you really deserve it, and the characters feel like they need that release after all the pain they’ve been through.“, he said openly. And to add: “We were scared because there were dance moves. Then I recorded my voice.” Husband of musician Amelia Warner He also praised his partner Caitriona Balfe. “It was a really fun day, Caitriona made it so easy and we bonded so much with the repetition of that day that I think we’d be very happy to do it all over again..”

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BelfastAn award-winning heartwarming drama

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At its output, Belfast Won over not only the public but also the critics globally. The drama won several prestigious awards last January, including Kenneth Branagh’s Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and the BAFA for Best British Film. Oscar for Best Original Screenplay last spring. It has to be said that the feature film is presented as an emotionally charged film against the backdrop of a famous cast of actors from Northern Ireland.

A must find film on the site Canal+

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