Does background cosmic radiation diffuse across the scene betray its decay?

Does background cosmic radiation diffuse across the scene betray its decay?

A theory about dark matter particles could explain the cosmic ray anomaly discovered a few years ago by the New Horizons probe. These dark matter particles, axions, become unstable and eventually become light.

Many, no doubt, have heard of it Cosmic microwave background (CMB) is probably better known in French as “Font”. Spread outSpread out Cosmological” or more simply Cosmic radiation. Anyone who has heard of diffuse funds InfraredInfrared (Cosmic infrared background) or the diffuse background in the CIB visible is as sparse as those known, i.e Cosmic optical background.

COB, like CIB, is an unresolved superimposition of all observed star and material distributions in a band. wavelengthwavelength. It is a kind of background noise that appears in the sky vault and remains if we turn off all sources. the lightthe light in The Milky WayThe Milky Way. So it comes from all sources outside of us GalaxyGalaxy — Incidentally, the extra galactic background light is called, ieExtragalactic background light Or EBL in English, the intensity of all electromagnetic radiation emitted in historythe universethe universe… of the Cosmic radiationCosmic radiation.

COB can be theoretically assessed and measured, made possible by instruments within the probe. New HorizonsNew Horizons (Especially the pictures provided by Laurie, The Long Range Reconnaissance Imager) flying past Pluto and one day abandoning it entirely solar systemsolar system To travel through the interstellar medium, such as the Voyager and Pioneer probes.

Pierre Brun is a particle physicist at Irfu and works at the border between particle physics and cosmology. He is interested in a theory that establishes the existence of a particle called the “axion”, which solves some problems related to the violation of symmetry in the physical laws of the strong interaction. Neutral, light, and interacting very weakly with matter, the axon has all the characteristics of being a dark matter particle. © CEA Science

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A diffuse background in a scene twice as bright as predicted

Interestingly, as explained in an article a few years ago, COB is brighter by a factor of 2 than expected. arXiv. Indeed, theorists have pondered this conundrum and recently published an article Physical Review Letters In this matter. Jose Luis Bernal, Gabriela Sato-Polito and Mark Kamionkowski from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland (USA) also suggest that these excess particles may be caused. Black matterBlack matter Decays into photons, more precisely avatarsavatars famous axesaxes.

These particles of dark matter, massmass Much lighter within the framework of many theories beyond the standard model of higher physics energiesenergiesas String theoryConsidered more seriously after multiple failures of experiments designed to track heavy dark matter particles, Wimps.

Axons should form a bath of many particles, just like ghost particles Cosmic neutrinos They should also be trained during this period big Bangbig Bang. We know that they are very light and weakly interact with them Electromagnetic fieldElectromagnetic field. Although we have experimental and theoretical constraints on these values, we do not know exactly what mass they have.

In a hypothesis considered by three American physicists and cosmologists, the disintegrating axes are explainedAnomaliesAnomalies The mass of COB is between 8 and 20 eV, which is very low considering that a ProtonProton A billion d’ev in pesos surroundings.

After launch around 2025, they hope to be able to test their theory with measurements provided by the mission. NASANASA Named SPHEREx (Abbreviation of Spectro-photometer for the history of the universe, Age of Reionization, Ice Explorer).

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A presentation of the SPHEREx mission. To get the exact French translation, click on the white rectangle at the bottom right. Then the English subtitles should appear. Then click on the nut to the right of the rectangle, then click on “Subtitles” and finally “Translate automatically”. Select “French”. © NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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