Does America expect Notre Dame to stand with Brian Kelly in the college football playoffs?

Does America expect Notre Dame to stand with Brian Kelly in the college football playoffs?

Will America soon shoot for Notre Dame?

College football fans generally fall into two categories when it comes to the Irish, where the “hate” crowd is much larger than the “love” crowd. But after the events of the last three days, this team is suddenly the real version of ‘Rudy’. Casual observers can actually stick blue and gold on their old trainer and shoot to end an underworld story with the end of Hollywood.

If you haven’t noticed, this is the opening season for Brian Kelly. The villain in our screenplay secretly mediated with LSU to get out of Notre Dame. When the news spread on Twitter on Monday, the assistant coaches were at the home of the newcomers, which is what those coaches felt. . . Well, this word starts with “a”.

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It happened a week before Notre Dame got a word about a place in the college football playoffs. Given that No. 1 Georgia will beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game, Notre Dame only needs a break from the Big Ten, AAC, or Big 12 Championship games to get a realistic chance of reaching the playoffs for the third time in four years.

Still, Kelly left his team before an unexpected season could fully open. He turned his back on the opportunity to fill the only remaining hole in the CV at Notre Dame – winning a national championship – either because he did not think his team was good enough or because he had a few Notre Dame possessions. $ 100 million or more. The LSU agreement is without asking ND to oppose.

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Gary Barta, chairman of the College Football Playoffs Committee, agreed Tuesday that the committee could consider Kelly’s absence when considering whether Notre Dame deserves to reach the playoffs. ND players can leave their coach and then make noise to the committee.

Kelly texted his team when the news broke, and then called a meeting with ET at 7 a.m. Wednesday. In less than four minutes he talked to the players about the reasons for his departure. A report from The Athletics said that the meeting did nothing to calm the players’ feelings and that Kelly did it to make himself feel better. No questions, no giving or buying, just a farewell and an exit from the coach. When he left the room, no player wished him luck or applauded. The room was quiet.

Upon his introduction to the LSU, Kelly Notre Dame sought to appoint a power coach, an attack coordinator, and a defensive coordinator. He avoided questions about when he left and said he had met the players and could say face to face that he was leaving them because he had done so all his life. The same goes for the LSU.

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“We’ll look you in the eye and tell you what we’re doing,” Kelly said. “We will be transparent. “

Responses to the episode, as one might expect, did not paint Kelly in a favorable light. A story came up from the former graduates about how Kelly treated them badly (later went back a bit). South Bend posted a photo of photographer Kelly on Twitter Former quarterback Tommy Reese has been dropped After Reese created an obstacle in 2013. Kelly’s defenders are hard to find outside Baton Rouge.

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Then, on Wednesday afternoon, Notre Dame power coach says no to LSU. In the afternoon, his attack coordinator (Reese) said no to the LSU. On Wednesday night, we learned that Kelly would be replaced by his Defensive Coordinator (Marcus Freeman), the players’ first choice, as head coach.

Now the world of college football wants to see how it goes. Can a galvanized Notre Dame team abandoned by Kelly make it to the playoffs and show him what he should never leave?

This is a movie that people should watch.

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