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Documentary Series: Village Helpers |  Under our skies |  BR Television |  TV

You are a farmer, housekeeper, nurse and teacher in one person: Andrea, Paula and Anja are used when a family or farm urgently needs help. The documentary series takes you into the lives of three village helpers. It’s about big and small problems, love and pain, happiness and misery and all the things that make village life so special.

Stand: 06.11.2022

A film by Daniela Agostini

Andrea (25), Paula (24) and Anja (28) are young women with lots of humor, wit and big hearts – and they can certainly get down to business. The three village helpers are the saviors of many rural families.

All three share a love for their work and country life. But they are very different characters, shaped by different biographies, attitudes and experiences. In four episodes you get to know the three heroines and their locations in Lower Bavaria, Middle Franconia and Upper Bavaria. Four episodes to empathize, share excitement, and laugh. What drives the three young village helpers? What do you experience in your daily work? What are their limitations? What positive and negative things have you already experienced?

All three of these

Village Helper in Bavaria: Anja |  Image: BR/TANGRAM International GmbH/Stella Traub/Marc Trompetter

Anja comes from a farm in Middle Franconia

Anja Since 2016 he has been a village helper in Middle Franconia in the districts of Roth and Weissenberg-Günzenhausen. She is confident, gets along well with people, likes to lend a hand – and she always wants to come to the most diverse families, get to know their way of life and, above all, constantly learn something new. Any efforts made for them are grateful to the family. She had also experienced a bereavement and felt how important her role was to the bereaved in this case. “This job is my calling,” she says, “and it was absolutely the right decision.”

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Village Helpers in Bavaria: Paula |  Image: BR/TANGRAM International GmbH/Stella Traub/Marc Trompetter

Paula has also worked on farms in Ireland and Iceland

Paula Something has already come into the world. After graduating from secondary school, he spent a good six months in Ireland and Iceland, where he worked on a farm with children. She liked it so much that she became a village assistant in Upper Bavaria. What’s special: Like many village helpers, Paula doesn’t come from a farm. Paula loves her job because she has many different jobs, always new places and families. She says, “You have to have a good sense of what people need most at that time.” In her spare time she is also involved in water rescue service and Red Cross.

Village Helpers in Bavaria: Andrea |  Image: BR/TANGRAM International GmbH/Stella Traub/Marc Trompetter

Andrea starts out as a village helper

Andrea Always wanted to support people from Lower Bavaria, so started training as a village helper. She has her final exam in mid-August and her first day as a village helper a month later – if she passes the exam. For Andrea, it’s an exciting time full of hope, anticipation and uncertainty: Will she be able to graduate? What is the first day at work, the first family? Will there be a move, will her relationship with her boyfriend survive, and is her dream job still in the day-to-day work life?

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