Documentaries: Ireland before and after Bloody Sunday


Written by Kathy Gerrig

In connection with the fiftieth anniversary of Bloody Sunday, offers a number of documentaries dedicated to Ireland yesterday and today.

On October 5, 1968, a peaceful protest by Catholics in support of civil rights was brutally suppressed by police in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, the only Catholic-majority city in the British province. National Republicans in favor of Ireland’s reunification set the tone today for the thirty years of “problems” facing the Unionists, the guardians of the administration of the province under British rule. The first is predominantly Catholic, and the second is Protestant. On January 30, 1972, British paratroopers opened fire on a peaceful demonstration against discrimination against the Catholic minority in London, killing 13 civilians, including minors. offers a number of documentaries dedicated to Ireland. The so-called Ireland – the border of eight hundred years of conflict between two Irish people around the question of independence – is being reclaimed in 53 minutes. But today, the thorny question …

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