Doctor says Trump no longer has transmission risk

Doctor says Trump no longer has transmission risk

U.S. President Donald Trump is no longer contagious, nine days after being diagnosed with Kovid-19 disease, the doctor said in a statement released yesterday evening.

“In addition to the president’s compliance with CDC standards for safe termination of isolation, this morning’s Kovid PCR sample makes it clear that, according to currently accepted standards, it is unlikely to be passed on to others,” said Dr. Sean Conley said. .

It has been ten days since Trump first showed signs of a new corona virus, according to a doctor who has been accused of lack of transparency with the public. Conley said.

On October 2, the president was admitted to hospital.

“There is no longer any evidence that the virus is actively repeating itself,” he said, adding that Trump’s viral load is “declining”. Conley continued – he has not made it clear that the president is now Covid-free.

Trump is feverish, his symptoms have improved, and Dr. Conley said he will continue to monitor the president “when he returns to an active schedule.”

Trump, who spent three days in hospital before returning to the White House, is trying to get back on track.

His Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, is badly followed in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election, less than a month later.

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Yesterday, Trump rallied hundreds of cheerful supporters for a campaign-style comeback in White House.

“I feel great!” As he stepped out onto a White House balcony, he announced – he had taken off his mask to address the crowd below, most of whom were wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats, but did not keep social distance.

“Go out and vote – I love you,” Trump told supporters, who say “USA” and “four more years” will last less than 20 minutes.

When Trump announced that he had recovered and showed a smile and a grin at the White House – doubts remained about his health.

His biggest responsibility – public dissatisfaction with dealing with the pandemic – has led to a resurgence of cases nationwide, thanks to his own infection as the headline of the campaign.

AFP analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University shows that the seven-day average recorded between October 3 and 9 is the highest rate for the week from August 13 to 19 – 47,184.

“More than 213,000 Americans have died from the virus – the truth is that it should not happen,” Biden tweeted yesterday.

For months, White House advisers wore masks inside the West Wing, often mocking the president’s hints of wearing a mask.

As Trump and his wife Melania tested positive, the mood changed and wearing a mask became mandatory at yesterday’s event.

A similar meeting two weeks ago announced that Conservative Judge Amy Connie Barrett would be nominated to the Supreme Court, which has been chosen as a source of dozens of positive cases since her involvement with the White House.

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The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fucci called it a “superspredder event.”

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