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Do you want to become a digital nomad in Portugal? Madeira Island offers benefits – 01/22/2021

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Remote work driven by an epidemic becomes a reality and allows employees to take “office” wherever they want. What about staying in Madeira for a while when transit is possible? Opportunity exists.

Unlike the opportunity to live and work on an island without electricity from Ireland, the experience in Portugal is somewhat related. After all, WiFi is essential to keep a job away from the ocean.

The project is a partnership between the local government of Madras and the Portuguese country Startup Madeira and Gonzalo Hall. Together they plan to create a “digital nomadic village” Digital Nomads Wood.

Internet and workspace guaranteed for those who relocate to the Portuguese island to participate in the project

Image: J‌rgen Zack / Getty Images / IstockPhoto

The project aims to occupy the Ponda do Sol, a coastal area of ​​43,2 square kilometers with 8,200 inhabitants in the southern part of the island. The first phase of the proposal should take place from February 1 to June 30.

At CentroCultural John do Pasos offers access to a group of tables and chairs, slack and unlimited internet, and a daily workplace workspace for village travelers from 8am to 10pm daily. The idea involves entertaining “nomads” to get to know the local community better.

The first phase anticipates welcoming 100 people who are committed to staying there for at least a month. Although housing is not included, those who wish to participate in the project receive support, thanks to sealed partnerships with local companies such as real estate, hotels and rental companies.

Watch the video of the project:

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