Do you use the phone regularly? Try these apps though

Do you use the phone regularly?  Try these apps though

InternetDesk: Apps are a must if you want to use a smartphone. There are many types of apps in the Play Store to suit the needs of the users, from productivity to gaming. These give the user a new experience in phone usage and enable them to streamline important transactions. Let’s take a look at those apps and their features.

Niagara Launcher

Even if you buy a new phone, many people will get bored because its OS is old. Those who want to innovate in the use of smartphones can use this launcher phone. This will give a new look to the phone and reduce the digital focus. There will be no ads. It has special features like icons, widgets, notifications and apps to appear in the front row. Notifications will also appear on the home screen. Automatically filters unimportant notifications and shows the user’s favorite apps in order of preference.

Strong text

You are making a workframe home. In the meantime, send a text message to others about something important. In WhatsApp, however, the laptop / PC is on, so we will send it from the web WhatsApp. But you need to send a simple text message from your mobile. At the same time, it is better to send a simple message from a mobile phone. They can also use the Mighty Texts app. After downloading the app from the Play Store, you can install the browser extension on your laptop / PC and use the app. With this app you can send, read and reply to messages from your laptop / PC as well as view notifications of other apps on your mobile. You can also make phone calls. The free version has a monthly limit. If you want to use Unlimited you need to subscribe.

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Super Status Bar

Customization options are not available on any other OS as they are on Android. However, in the case of the status bar, Android users are a little dissatisfied. They can also try the Super Status Bar. This includes adjusting the display brightness and swiping the screen to adjust the volume level. You can also tick messages, notifications, and the Browsing tab. It also has the facility to monitor battery life and gesture control. This app is available in free and subscription versions.


This app is also very useful for Android users. You can write down what you need to do during the day and pin it on the status bar. Important ones can be pinned in advance or colored by bringing up a recently added note. Once the note is pinned in the status bar, it will remain there until the user unpins it. This app is very useful for those who are organized and more focused on productivity.

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