Do you sleep at night with mobile charging ..! If your cell phone is working .. Find out ..

Mobile phone charge: Some people charge at night .. Others charge from hot places, but how much in these cases?

Mobile phone charged

Mobile phone charged: Some people charge at night .. Others charge from hot places, but now let’s see how accurate these are .. Actually nothing has been decided about the exact time to charge the phone. All you have to do is type * 3001 # 12345 # * on your phone and the field model will appear immediately. You can find details of local networks and cell towers. With knowing your phone performance and battery capacity.

Phone manufacturers claim that phone battery life depends on many factors. However, Apple says that if the iPhone retains its full charge for a long time, it will significantly affect battery health. Connect the charger at night or anytime, do not leave the phone unattended.

The phone should never be fully charged. Automatically stops charging when the phone is full when the charge is connected. In some cases, when the battery is reduced to 99 percent .. Again, it takes more energy to charge 100 percent. Battery life will be reduced if stability is maintained. Android phones have an app called AccuBattery for battery life. It always monitors your battery health. Smells like live issues. When to charge? It also leads you to always unplug.

Never use your phone until the charging drops to zero percent. Do not forget that the charging cycle will be damaged. You should be able to charge without going to zero depending on your comfort level. Make sure your phone is always in a cool place. Heat and temperature can seriously affect battery life.

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