Do you know what happens if you put your cell phone in your pocket? Take care not to affect even the heart and bones

Do you know what happens if you put your cell phone in your pocket?  Take care not to affect even the heart and bones

It is no exaggeration to say that the cell phone has become the sixth finger of man! Although the cell phone benefits us in many ways, it also does the job of adversely affecting our health.

Cell phones are associated with electromagnetic radiation. Because cell phones attach to our body, it emits radiation to our body. Exposure to such radiation can damage the health of the body.

Usually the cell phone is lying somewhere in our body, do you know how harmful it is?

Pin pocket

Most men keep cell phones in their back pockets. Most of the phones we use today are screen type phones.

The touch screen system is likely to call many people without our knowledge. Sometimes it is possible to break down due to negligence. So keep it stylish in the back pocket and avoid clutter.

Front pocket

In the eyes of doctors this seems like a very bad habit. They also say that men are more likely to lose their masculinity due to the radiation emitted by cell phones.

Some studies have shown that cell phone radiation can cause problems such as decreasing the quality and size of cells. Because cell phones have the ability to emit more heat, men’s body heat can cause this problem.

Putting cell phones in a shirt pocket is sometimes said to cause heart disease.


Doctors warn that using a cell phone near the hips and thighs can greatly weaken the bones in the hip area. The pelvis is the source of support for the human body. If those bones are broken, so be it. They also point out that cell phones should not be used too close to touch the pelvis.

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Skin area

Usually when we talk on a cell phone, we use our ears, chin and other parts. Doctors also point out that this is fundamentally wrong. Keep a distance of 0.5-1.5 cm and speak. Thus the radiation range is slightly lower. May escape from skin damage.

This is the case even when the phone is held close to the body as seen. Button phones are more likely to contain bacteria. So this too should be avoided.

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