Do you have Windows? This is the fastest browser

Do you have Windows?  This is the fastest browser

So you can no longer use excuses about slow internet

The days we used to Internet Explorer It belongs to the past. Now, we have a lot of options and have stopped convincing ourselves of the “internet stuck” excuse. The fastest browser found, we may be using Windows We have already selected him Without even getting the news of it.

To find the fastest browser, three tools were used: The SpeedometerThe Jetstream And For motionmarks. The first is about how fast the browser processes information when web applications are “running”, the second is about how fast it executes code, and the third is about its ability to load complex webpages.

All three tools worked in an incognito window, with all browsers updated to the latest and most recent version, and double-checked to see if the results were valid. The test was performed on a Zotac Magus EN 1070 computer running Windows 10 Pro.

After inspection In addition to Brave, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera Chrome, Last found the fastest browser with a score of 107.2 on the speedometer and 99,778 on the Jetstream. Brave, though slow, has one important additional feature: the built-in ad-blocker.

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