Do you have an external 4K display connected to your laptop?

Do you have an external 4K display connected to your laptop?

Not even a letter to Santa Claus was enough: there was no reasonably priced external monitor with an apple under the trees. This will delight many MacBook and MacMini users. It is rumored that the subject is on the table of Apple’s engineers. You need to see if this folder is next to Apple car or next to iMac and Mac Pro!

Apple and LG are reportedly developing three new 24 to 32 inch screens

In the meantime, users should look into the competition. The basic offer is plentiful, but as soon as you start asking for a little, it quickly shrinks to the skin of grief … Specifications are not delusional. All we need is a well-built 4K screen with the right ergonomics, a quality audio system, a few USB-C ports, and an Ethernet port that can charge a Mac. We also dream about a webcam, but it seems to ask a lot.

A little reminder: Pro Display XDR sells for 5,500 (all without pro stand!)

In short, after failing to find a screen worthy of the name, we went back in time to the drafting of Dell monitors. U2720Q) Or LG (especially the LG 27UK850W which is not in the catalog, but seems to be replaced with a newer model 27UL850-W 27). By the way, if you have any screen references close to our specifications, let us know in the comments …

Meanwhile, the question is simple. Do you have an external screen attached to your laptop retina to use a favorite word from Apple?

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