Do you carry a mobile phone with you when you go to the toilet?

Do you carry a mobile phone with you when you go to the toilet?

Thiruvananthapuram, first published November 19, 2021, 12:05 PM IST

Many people today are living in a situation where they cannot live without a mobile phone. There are people who carry their phone even when they go to the bathroom. But experts say that’s just not the case. Bathrooms and toilets are high in germs that can spread disease.

Studies show that carrying a phone to the toilet increases the risk of germs entering the phone. Bacteria can be found on the toilet door, tap and flush button.

‘Bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Shigella can cause diseases such as hepatitis A and diarrhea. Normal phones are placed on top of the washbasin and, if Western toilets, on top of it. The presence of bacteria is very high here … ‘- He is the Director of the Degree in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary’s University, London. Ron Cutler Said.

There will be a holder for placing the phone in the public toilet. He added that bacteria could be present in the holders.

If you pick up the phone after you wash it, all the bacteria that stuck to the phone will stay in your hands. Ron said. There are reports that the number of people sitting in the bathroom for a long time using a smart phone is increasing.

Take a look, what to look for when using a public toilet …

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