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Photo / Hollywood star Leonardo (left) and Tesla CEO Musk (right) argue the importance of climate change, but their private gatherings have caused controversy. World Economic Forum Flickr, Wikimedia Commons

At Wednesday ‘s COP meeting, the United Nations Agriculture and Food Agency called for one – third of food to be left unattended as global inflation pushed up vegetable and meat prices! In addition to being unavailable to many of the world’s poor, these wastes will greatly increase carbon emissions. It is a shame that celebrities like Leonardo, Musk and Bill Gates, who have recently argued for climate change, are talking about reducing carbon and eating at parties, and their words and deeds are completely contradictory. In Taiwan, food waste is a long-standing problem.

The COP26 Climate Conference was held from October 31 to November 12 and was considered “the last chance for mankind to save this planet”. The 197 signatories set the agenda to reduce emissions. This time, several Taiwanese organizations went ahead with COP26, focusing on key developments. For series analytics reports, lock in the “Forsyth” digital platform.

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This year, the topic of climate change is huge, and many celebrities have enthusiastically supported the platform. However, in addition to talking about reducing carbon, they still attend luxury parties.

For example, the movie star Leonardo. After attending the COP26 Climate Summit, Leonardo DiCaprio returned to the United States this week to attend the LACMA Art + Film Gala (LACMA Art + Film Gala), and we spoke with great pleasure to his old friend Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos). Tickets for this extravagant charity banquet cost $ 5,000, and the scene is full of expensive wine and food.

In addition, Climate Change and Microsoft co-founder Bill Petrochemicals publicly predicted a loss last week. Bill Gates, who is celebrating his 66th birthday at the end of October, boarded a private helicopter to celebrate with a party at a coastal resort in Turkey, producing a lot of carbon along the way.

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The United Nations has named Musk to help it overcome the food crisis

Not surprisingly, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, was recently replaced by David, director of the United Nations World Food Program, who is often seen at the business banquets of various celebrities. David Beasley paid to get out of the food crisis.

Counting the parties these celebrities are interested in attending can lead to a lot of food wastage, and in the eyes of food experts at the United Nations, it is even more detrimental to respond to climate change.

Wednesday (10)COP26 “Biodiversity” ForumAbove, Deputy Director of the Climate and Environment Department of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)Sithuni.Oddada(Zitouni Ould-Dada), raised a warning in response to the seriousness of the global food crisis.

He added that the current global wastage of food and agricultural products has created 8% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Given the total amount of carbon emissions from global food and agricultural product emissions as a country, this “country” is considered to be the third largest carbon emitter in the world. If you look from here, you can see serious food waste globally.

Situni, Deputy Director of the Climate and Environment Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).  Situni Old-Dada.  UN Climate Change taken from TwitterPhoto / United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Climate and Environment Department Deputy Director Sithunni. Situni Old-Dada. UN Climate Change taken from Twitter

Around the world, 800 million people have been starving for a long time, while 2 billion people are overweight.

Although Odada did not name celebrities to donate money to, Leonardo, Musk, Bill Gates and others made a deep impression on people from the actual analysis that “their words and deeds do not match”: because they say they want to cut carbon, why are you still attending luxury parties? Even if part of it is a charity dinner, wouldn’t it be nice to save to donate these good wines and food directly?

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In addition, the wastage of food by the rich is even more important behind the great inequality.

Odada estimates that up to 3 billion people in the world now cannot afford nutritious food and that 811 million people have been starving for a long time. A world of over-nutrition and overweight.

In such cases, people throw away up to a third of their food and agricultural produce every day, most of them from rich countries and rich people. Not only can this wasted food not be enjoyed by people in other corners, but it also means that the farmer’s labor is ruined and that it is not conducive to improving the climate of the land, which needs to be reviewed from the outset.

Long-term food waste and surplus of agricultural produce in Taiwan

In fact, the problem of food waste is a serious problem not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Taiwan. According to the Domestic Sharing Association, Taiwan wastes 3.73 million tons of food every year.DBS Bank’s investigation into Taiwan last yearSixty-seven percent of those interviewed admitted to wasting food frequently, and 90% believed that the reason for wasting was over-buying and not eating.

In addition, every year there is a surplus of agricultural produce in the country, which can only eventually be converted into compost. Clearly, more people need to pay attention and take action to reduce waste at source and re-plan and use these resources.

At the forum that day, Taiwanese industrialist Olide Chairman Ji Wangping shared his company’s experience in making face mask cloth using caffeine shampoo and banana by-products using coffee powder.

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COP26 Photo / Olide Chairman G Wangping (2 from right) attends the COP26 “Biodiversity” Forum.

He believes that developed skin care products are made from natural materials that are not harmful to human health; In addition, he believes they can increase the production value of crops and benefit farmers, which can be said to be a win-win situation. Such products with the concept of “bio-based” need to be further developed.

Looking back, when housewives complained that prices were more expensive, can you see from a bowl of oyster noodles that they still want to eat all the food at the same time? Buy fruits, vegetables or sweets when you have nothing to do, but often you can only throw them away if you can’t finish them? These pieces and wastes generate more carbon emissions.

Stop being jealous and disgusted with the luxury parties of celebrities and think about your everyday behavior. The simplest method of environmental protection is to restore the attitude that values ​​your daily life.

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