Do not spit on the ground during or after a pandemic

Do not spit on the ground during or after a pandemic

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It hurts me to write this, but for every loggia or spit wad I see falling to the ground during a pandemic, I smoke a little more. This is a pre-COVID-19 plague, and the use of the sidewalk or street as a personal spit is very much ingrained in our culture, and this trend continues unabated as street people. Wear a mask To prevent the spread of COVID.

I know I’m in serious danger of sounding like an angry father, but I’ll pay very little attention: I’m here to advise those who are happy Their loggia-wad, salivary ways, because you deserve to feel bad, and you have to cut it out.

Spitting spreads the disease

Dr. about the dangers of spitting without punitive action. I know Fucci has not released a national PSA, but you should still be aware that this is obscenely negligent in the current state of the pandemic. It must be tolerated that there is a global epidemic affecting the US more than any other country; We had Within a year, 300,000 people die from COVID-19And, moreover, there are small signs of an alarming decline in the near future. Why do you spit where people walk?

COVID can be transmitted in many ways, and yes, the saliva you spill onto the ground is one of the vehicles that transmit this virus. But wait, it can cause other diseases too!

BBC Kindly state a few conditions that may be spread through saliva:

Saliva-borne diseases include TB, hepatitis, viral meningitis, and cytomegalovirus – a common virus similar to the herpes virus – and the Epstein-Barr virus, a common herpes virus that causes many diseases, such as glandular fever.

We know that COVID’s transducer transmission is less than long – term, indoor contact with an infected person. You probably won’t catch the virus by walking on someone spitting on the ground, but that doesn’t mean you spit on the ground during an outbreak. After all, if you have COVID, does spitting in general help or hurt you? I hope you know the answer.

Friends, this is not hard

Many of the traditional ways of displaying stereotypical masculine bullshit have been replaced by the pandemic, so a major catastrophe may seem to have happened to tough people everywhere. But one thing that remains in this climate is the ability to spit. The government cannot take it away from you, so congratulations, patriot. Yet, the entertainment of the spit never finds anyone harsh or calm. What you think ejects raw and unobtrusive decency spreads the atoms and equates you to a little more than a UFC fighter.

This is not a habit that is difficult to break

Look at it this way: you are not addicted to spit. I will gladly accept it Some allergies and medical conditions Saliva causes excessive production, so sometimes the need to spit is a real medical problem beyond the control of saliva. If you are not suffering from some chronic condition, ask yourself why Need To do it first.

It’s a habit or a compulsion, but it’s not necessarily like breathing or keeping distance. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can break the habit. Or, if you are going to spit, do it from the point of view of others and from the earshot. (That voice … sorry.) I hope more people understand the connection between public health and hateful habits like saliva.

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