‘Do it, do it!’ Wild-eyed Alun Vine Jones stares to death in Peter O’Malley as Ireland v Wales cause conflict

'Do it, do it!'  Wild-eyed Alun Vine Jones stares to death in Peter O'Malley as Ireland v Wales cause conflict

Greenwood once said of Ireland flanker Peter O’Malley: “If all the wild cavalrymen in the Apocalypse came around the corner, O’Malley would charge them.”

This quote escaped the attention of Wales captain Alon Wine Jones.

The game between Ireland and Wales in Dublin was less than five minutes old, and when Jones and Ireland flew blindfolded, the word ‘competitive’ may have been coined and clashed after the Welsh line went wrong.

Within a minute Liam Williams and James Low were in trouble with each other.

The Autumn Nations Cup clash at Aviva Stadium led to a brilliant fight.

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Justin Tipu’s Hooker started the climbing masterpiece between Jones and Omahoy after Suren Kelleher was brought in as a clear charge (many first, but another story) from a booming Welsh line out.

Jones avoided the action of Quinn Rooks, and the Welsh Talisman handled his second-tier opponent.

Cue O Mahoney brought his customized peacekeeping brand into action, five yards fast to hit Jones in the chest.

After that there is only one way to go.

Within seconds, a dozen or more players took the stage, with Tipurik O’Malley in the back and Jones and the Irish Blindside upside down with Ryan Elias.

Peter O'Mahoney of Ireland and Alun-Wine Jones of Wales clashed
Peter O’Mahoney of Ireland and Alun-Wine Jones of Wales clashed

To put it bluntly: we’re not talking about Brew v. Pontipride, 1997 at all.

Such episodes have been going on in rugby for a long time.

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It was still active at the modern level as the words were exchanged without the slightest poison and there was a long competition between the main heroes and their helpers.

At one point the extraordinary beast Jones was seen inviting O Mahoney to do his worst. “Do it, do it,” he said.

The Autumn National Cup is here as it is the busiest month of international rugby.

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Sean Healy worked as a peacemaker, and even his passive-aggressive pat on Jones’ head would go the wrong way.

Healy doesn’t seem sincere enough to dust with a milk from the Lions.

“Opposition is different from Alun Win Jones,” Shane Williams summed up in the Channel 4 commentary box, paradoxically.

“But Peter O’Malley is not a backward person.”

Finally Jones stepped back, a smile on his face.

Impressed with what he saw, referee Matthew Rainel called an on-pitch conference.

“Friends, I have received news for you,” said the French official.

“It’s over when I blow the whistle, right?”

Jones, a law graduate, uttered a few words in response.

O’Malley declined to comment on the Welshman’s interpretation before Ireland captain Johnny Sexton, who may have been a shopkeeper in another life.

When he returned to the Channel 4 commentary box, Miles Harrison advised viewers to watch the next collision between Jones and O’Malley.

Such a next event actually turned out to be one between Williams and Lowe.

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Again, it’s nothing.

Test debutant Lowe could not accept a pass from Sexton and a push to Williams’ back, and could not alleviate the new boy’s frustration due to the error.

Williams offered a comforting shoulder, but another way to look at it was to lower Lowe up. Anyway, the green man moved Williams in response.

Anger spreads during a confrontation between James Low and Liam Williams

The fuses were short, and Josh Adams stepped inside. As things progressed, Williams gave Lowe an excessive hug around his neck, and both players laughed at each other as team members joined the match.

“I want to know very clearly about this,” Rainel said angrily to the captains because of the dust.

This is the second incident that took place in five minutes.

“We can’t accept that.”

Pointing to Jones and then Sexton, he said: “You go to your player, you go to your player, that’s the last one.

“Next time two players.

“Is that clear?”

The warning had the intended effect, and Williams Lowe was later reported to have been brutally executed.

Low, however, was pleased with Ireland’s 32-9 victory in the Test series.

Williams? He will have better nights.

A wing can only do so much when the ball is not going.

Jones and Oh Mahoney?

Twenty seconds after the final whistle, the smiling Ireland No. 6 arrives to shake the hand of his old Lions buddy, the pair chatting quickly before heading in different directions, forgetting the previous attack.

There is no doubt that the dust in the Welsh camp in the coming days will not be rated any mention.

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Strictly speaking, there are more important things for everyone involved to think about.

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