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പറയുന്നത് പോലെ ചെയ്യാം... കേന്ദ്ര സർക്കാരിന് കീഴടങ്ങി ട്വിറ്റർ ഇന്ത്യ?

PTI reports that Twitter India has agreed to comply with the country’s new IT policies and laws. The central government had issued an ‘ultimatum’ notice to Twitter to comply with the new IT policies and rules. The Center had given notice to Twitter to implement all previous orders by July 4. The government gave the ultimatum despite repeated requests from the IT Ministry but no action was taken.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology sent a notice to Twitter on June 27. A notice has been given to Twitter asking them to implement all the orders issued by the government so far. Even though the notice was issued in early June, Twitter did not act. With this, the last notice was sent.

If the government’s order is not implemented, Twitter will lose its ‘intermediary status’ in India. Government sources also indicated that the company will be held liable for abusive comments by users. But official sources told PTI that Twitter has informed that it is ready to comply with whatever the government says.

On June 26, the company had handed over a list of more than 80 Twitter accounts and tweets blocked in 2021 as per the government’s request. Even though the government had warned several times that there would be ‘consequences’ if the policies were not accepted, Twitter did not budge.

Most of these tweets are from the international advocacy group Freedom House, politicians, journalists and supporters of the farmers’ struggle. In May, the government had asked Twitter to take action on content about Khalistan and extremism in Kashmir. It looks like Twitter has finally caved in to government pressure.

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English Summary: Twitter has complied with the Indian government’s final notice to remove content


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