Dmitry Stujuk: Fitness Influencer Who Died Saying No to Kovid-19 – What His Ex-Wife Sophia Stujuk Said

Dmitriy Stuzhuk was hospitalised after he tested positive for coronavirus (Dmitriy Stuzhuk Instagram )

Dmitry Stujuk had earlier denied that he had a lung disease

Monday, October 19, 2020 at 3:03 p.m.

Dmitry Stujuk hospitalized after testing positive for corona virus (Dimitri Stujuk Instagram)
Dmitry Stujuk hospitalized after testing positive for corona virus (Dimitri Stujuk Instagram)

The 33-year-old, who denied the existence of Kovid-19, died under Ukrainian influence.

Three-year-old father Dmitry Stujuk died days after posting that he was living with the disease and that his condition was stable.

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His ex-wife and mother of children confirmed the news on Instagram: “Only warm memories remain, three beautiful children and a precious experience.”

Dmitry Stujuk created a career by promoting a healthy life through his social media channels.

By the time he died, he had gained more than a million followers.

The 33-year-old regularly posts promotions for the gym brand Gimbim.

He said he had not previously believed in the existence of Kovid-19.

What happened to Dmitry Stujuk?

During a visit to Turkey, he began to experience symptoms including swelling of the neck and difficulty breathing.

He returned to Ukraine after being tested for the corona virus and was admitted to hospital.

He spent eight days in the hospital before being discharged but later returned due to cardiovascular disease.

Sofia, a former partner, posted to Dimitri that “there are problems with the heart system … his heart is not struggling”.

“His condition is critical and no one can do it.

“I did everything I could because the father of my three children is alive. But he doesn’t depend on me now.”

They later announced that the children’s father was dead.

Stuck warned of the dangers previously denied the existence of Kovid-19 during the illness.

He said: “I want to share how I got sick and warn everyone.

“I was the one who thought Kovid didn’t exist … until I got sick.

“Covid-19 is not a short-term disease! It’s serious.”

In a post confirming his death, Sofia Stujuk wrote: “I will be grateful to you and our three beautiful children for the rest of our lives.”

“For all the invaluable experiences. I have become with you. ”

He also said that MS had tried to take the virus more seriously.

“God, I’m sorry you didn’t care about your health,” she wrote.

“But we always respect each other’s choices.

“We’re not together anymore, but it’s not hurting me at all.”

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