DJ Set: Playlist of ESJ Pro Journalists to Complete at SK

DJ Set: Playlist of ESJ Pro Journalists to Complete at SK

The stopover on the set ended on Monday. ESJ Pro journalists have compiled a playlist of 12 days spent on the set’s crossings to report on maritime heritage.

Antoine Sostre

Mo Gil Meyer, Desmond Early, The Coral Scholars of University College Dublin (Antoine): This song is an Irish lyric song in Celtic. It was written by Donald O’Leary in the 1970s, and uses a poem by MacDonnell from the 18th century scene “Clark”. The song contains the words of a widow who has lost her husband. Celtic melodies take us to the edge of the steep cliffs of Ireland. Far away, the tears of a heartbroken woman echo …

Pauline Gabinari

Túp Lêu Ly Tuong by Connie Kim: He told me “no”. Take away your music, it’s not the theme, it’s too far from the sea, it’s too far from everything. But to be precise, I believe this music reminds me of the ocean because it comes from so far away. A leap across the water takes us to the magical lands of Vietnamese music.

Mary Apple

Nathan Evans’ Wellerman Sea Shanti: I chose this music because, from what I could observe, I found that the method of catching seafarers was well captured. It’s like a kind of thing, it takes a little bit of themselves though, but it’s a very strong emotion. For many of us we have met, the sea is their love, and that too with a lot of sacrifices, but I have an impression that they will not rejoice. From a musical perspective, I really like male choirs, and I find that it creates a strong sense of brotherhood and one that fits in well with the spirit of the boats.

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Sabrin Mimouni

Thousan is an artist I adore. We really feel that all of his songs are made with emotion. With heart. “Babur” means “boat” in Arabic, and it’s a cool song that takes us. The sounds, the lyrics sung in the three languages, and the sound of the house make for a great cocktail. A sweet to the ear.

Susan Leanhard

Kid Francescoli’s Boat: An artist from Marseille is obliged to add to this playlist. It is a sea voyage, sometimes calm, that can escape: who is better than Kid Francesco to translate it into music? Slowly the DJ’s hunting loop invites you to rewind the memories of a stopover.

Carolyn Frolig, Agency Manager for the Midi Libre Set

Sea, Charles Trent. An old refrain from childhood. Then one day, this report was in his footsteps. Take the train between Set and Perpignan, the place where Trent wrote, to make Midi Libre’s summer series. Sing the sea in the middle of the SNCF wagon and see the clear gulfs and silver reflections.

Donia Ismail

Partier Louin, 113. Year 2005. Jacques Chirac is president. DTT launched. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy wants to oust Carcher from the suburbs. 113, a group of French rappers (Rim K, Mokobe, AP) released their third album, The Excellent. “113 degrees”. On track 14, Franco-Algerian Rimke finds himself with singer Reda Taliani from El-Beer. In a hit that wanders between pure rock and glamorous hip-hop, both describe the entire generation of Algerians migrating to France by boat. To escape from the piston (“lktef”) and oppression (“la hogra”). To go away, to escape from his troubles. Or, as Taliyani puts it, from the first moments of the title: “Yal Babur, my love, Kharejni Min misery” (“Oh boat, my darling, lift me out of my misery.”).

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Vincent Lacore, journalist on the Midi Libre set

Cumbia Sobre El Mar, from Quantic. Cumbia is inextricably linked with the Colombian spirit. From the north coast of the country, to Africa and the Caribbean, this mixed music has its salty roots. Cumbia is the warmest place in the mixed tropics.

Margold Demless

Whale song written by Sumak Dub. “Whale, megabaterus or humpback whale is endemic to all oceans of the world”. In a strange and magical voice, the song of these giants of the sea invites us on an underwater vocal journey of shoulder rubbing with violin and instrumental music. Gentle immersion, ready to cool.

Paul Jumbo

Alcoholic hymns by Cowdlam. When the night slowly falls on the city or on the boats or on the docks of the set, the sailors get drunk. Wine, rum, beer. Outlines of a very short life are formed through hugs, songs and bursts of laughter.

Pierre Haman, Rep

It was one of the first songs I learned at Hughes Offre’s Santiano Primary School, so I have a special taste. We often noticed it with my brothers or my cousins, especially when we went on vacation at the beach with our grandmother. A song that brings people together, tells a story, and travels. Everybody knows the words of the famous three-master who is as thin as a bird … At the stopover in Seto we were able to think about, appreciate and travel. Boats and ships lift high. And it was a unique experience.

Yannick Filipponat, the red thread of promotion

Loveboat, essential credits to the kitsch series titled “La Crocier’s Amus” which marked the 80s. All the clichs are the sea, the boat, Isaac’s music and cocktails … and this irresistible soul funk hit, so “board the ship, we’re waiting for you” !!!

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