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The Indonesian submarine Disappeared Wednesday from radar Found 100 km north Bali, At a depth of about 850 m Divided into three parts. None of the 53 crew members who served for the Jakarta Navy and the 1981 crew aboard the German-built KRI Nangala 402 have been submerged for unspecified reasons while engaged in an exercise. Indonesian Army Commander Hadi Tajanto told reporters at a news conference with naval chief Yudho Margono. Details of the discovery were given. KRI Nangala is divided into three parts, the hull, the stern and the main parts are all separate. The main part is broken, showing pictures of the wreck. Perhaps the failure of the electrical system prevented the resurrection, but it is certain that it was able to cope after descending to a depth of 300-400 m The water pressure opened it up.

A picture of the crash (Afp)

Tragedy in seconds

The submarine hulls are under pressure but water flows inwards when they are pierced. Can you imagine how the water would affect the people under such pressure? From the words of Vishnu Vardhana, an expert at the Indonesian Institute of Technology Sepulu Nopumber, we can understand the tragedy within minutes of the vehicle sinking. So in vain Race against emergency vehicle time, A few hours after his disappearance, they began searching for the last beach they had seen.

A picture of the crash (Afp)
A picture of the crash (Afp)

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