Dispute over “Oriented” topics in the Economic and Social Sciences exam

Dispute over "Oriented" topics in the Economic and Social Sciences exam

The association, which brings together researchers, academics and economists opposed to “neoliberal orthodoxy”, believes that “with the help of an example” we can show everything … and vice versa. So we show nothing using this method. If there is no choice of the question asked. ⁇

The target of their anger? Many of the test statements are “oriented” accordingly. In particular, the following two: “Show that work is the source of social integration”; “You will show with the help of an example that the action of public authorities in favor of social justice can have far-reaching consequences. ⁇

The Association of Economics and Social Sciences commented on the second statement, “Innovation can help push back the environmental boundaries of growth.” “In their opinion, it is a sign that environmental issues are not being adequately addressed in the programs. ⁇

Apses condemns the global approach of their discipline around subjects that are “very problematic, non-pluralistic and very large themes that defame students’ intellectual formation” if the subjects are in line with the programs being developed. .

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