Dispute between Assembly candidates in London

Dispute between Assembly candidates in London

This Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in the Portland Hall of the University of Westminster in central London, a debate was held on the legislative elections organized by our colleagues. French Breakfast London.

Six candidates were on the scene for the Assembly elections for the position of French deputy in northern Europe. They were Artus Galileo (Republican, UDI and centralist candidate), Lawrence Hailey-Chapez (Councilor for French Citizens Abroad in Ireland, President of the Consular Council, elected AFE Europe du Nord), and Charlotte Minviel (EE). , Margaux Darrieus (Candidate Reconquête!), Willy Begon (Candidate National Rally), Alexandre Holroyd (Outgoing MP and candidate together! Presidential majority). Our media Lesfrancais.press was in the middle of a hundred.

The discussion focused on four issues: international issues, the economy, the environment and regional issues.

Each candidate had a conversation time to present broad lines to defend his program on each topic.

“Nothing happens without a local presence …”

Nicholas Houghton, founder of The3million Group and deputy of Lawrence Helley-Chapez in the UK, said: “It is good to discuss important issues. We can clearly see the difference between the role of an elected official with a local presence like Lawrence and others. We are in a centralized position. Absolutely agree. Without a local presence, nothing will happen because you have to accompany people to the place. We need to think about the application of laws like FLAM vouchers for education. I am proud of this important choice and we can speak out and survive freely. That is democracy and beauty. Let’s see who wins. Whoever the deputy is, we have to accept the result, he will be the deputy of all the French people living abroad.

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“Our candidate had very clear answers.”

In the room was Remy Waseel, an EELV of choice and an adviser to French people living abroad for the United Kingdom. “He found a rich debate over content. Talking time was not respected, but our candidate was still able to score points, she had very clear answers and argued statistics. I think she was able to deliver the whole message. We strive to reach out to young people, young people on our campaign team, for example, who are being dragged into their universities. In addition, we address people with retirement issues. We held a webinar about social protection. Our candidate represents many voters who do not naturally join. You should try to make this talk inclusive.

Indeed, NUPES candidate Charlotte Minviel found that “this was a good democratic exercise, and it allowed us all to strengthen our national and regional priorities and to condemn the results of Emmanuel Macron’s and Deputy Outgoing Alexander Holroyd’s government, and the EU’s position of environmental justice and social justice.” Wants, for a more inclusive and forward looking society.

“Alexander Holroyd had a hard time …”

Patricia Connell, an adviser to French citizens living abroad (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) in La Republic en Marche, said: “The discussion was excellent. The level was so high that it kind of surprised me. Each candidate stood firm in their respective positions. I found that Alexander Holroyd had done an absolutely extraordinary job. He had a difficult job because he was a candidate, so he had to defend his previous order and at the same time expose his program. This is the goal of this kind of debate. But he also showed the work he did and how good he was. I was fascinated by the resolution of dematerialization, which is something we have been trying for years to push the Home Ministry down this path. We will test dematerialization in Canada and Portugal. Alexander said it’s true: it will change our lives. In the meantime we have problems at our consulates around the world, even in the United Kingdom when our passports are dematerialized. There is an absolutely horrible line of people waiting for their passports. We were talking to the consulate about it recently. 25,000 titles completed. Kovid’s two years, or 25,000 titles have not been processed. If people voted for Emmanuel Macron, I believe it is important to be able to support his program, for which we must vote for our outgoing deputy, Alexander Holroyd. Emmanuel Macron proved that he was able to recover from these difficult years in one way or another. It is true that ecology will be a public thread for the next few years. Moreover, he said so and established talented people like Minister Amelie de Montchaul. The Prime Minister will be responsible for giving this direction.

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A first discussion for the Reconquest movement!

Reconquête!’S candidate Margaux Darrieus found, “The discussion was very well structured. All the central themes were addressed, which allowed me to express myself in these matters. The French knew me very well. Very happy and I expect a lot of French people to see this in the replay.

Assembly elections will be held from May 27 to June 1, 2022 (online) for the first round, June 10 to 15 for the second round and June 5, 19 (at the ballot box).

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