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Diseased Trees in Medical Examination – Society

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The doctor examines and treats patients, the veterinarian takes care of sick animals, who cares about other organisms, and how – plants, especially trees …

When it comes to trees in cities and other settlements, trees are known to be susceptible to a variety of diseases, as well as the detrimental effects of exhaust smoke and acid rain, “catching disease” and lack of care. They die before reaching the end of their life span. In Novi Sad, they found a way to examine and treat diseased trees.

According to data from the cadastre of Greenery, it has been estimated that there are approximately 100,000 trees of various species in Novi Sad.

When faced with various problems in Novi Sad, they found a solution on how to help greenery survive, maintain health and give people money back with its benefits.

That is, Novi Sad is the first city in Serbia to test the health and resistance of trees with a special tool – a resistograph, which reveals with 100% accuracy whether the tree is completely healthy or contains hazardous elements.

Experts at Novi Sad City Greenery visit parks and tree lines every day and regularly monitor the health of the trees and take steps to protect them.

Science in Tree Health Care Service

Monitoring is one of the most important steps in conserving urban greenery. The trees will look completely healthy externally, while the inside of the tree will rot.

Rot can occur on the whole tree and its parts. The first symptoms can be noticed by a visual inspection conducted by the expert services of Grdski zeleni within the continuous monitoring of the health of the tree.

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Visual inspection can determine if a tree has lost its vitality and has signs and symptoms that could cause a canopy or tree to crack due to wind, snow or other natural hazards, which could pose a security risk in cities. Areas, people and property.

Recently, City Greenery has been using the help of a special resistor device to more accurately, accurately and reliably determine the health of trees, their stability, and the viability of plants.

Resistograph, owned by the Institute for Lowland Forestry and Environmental Protection, represents an important aid to professional services, which can now more accurately and reliably monitor the health of trees in the city.

“The resistograph will determine the health status of each tree, and visual inspection will determine if there are signs and symptoms that indicate that its biological potential is in jeopardy.” With the help of science and modern technology, Novi Sad’s parks and tree-lined roads can be better maintained, environmental protection can be maximized, and the risk to the safety of citizens can be minimized. . So far, many trees have been inspected and tree testing will continue to be carried out with the help of the latest scientific and technological advances in Gradzco Selenilo to further improve the care of the trees, ”says Daniela Andrik, Assistant Director of Design, Rising, and Maintenance and Production of Greens.

The Institute of Lowland Forestry points out the importance of maintaining the vitality of trees in urban areas.

“Modern care and management of woody species in urban areas refers to the continuous monitoring of trees. In order to identify carpophore fungi and to detect pathogenic cells caused by pathogenic organisms and insects, potential services scientists and experts inspect trees, canopies and branches daily in detail”, explains the procedure. Master of Forestry from the Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment in Novi Sad.

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What and how to measure a resistor

Photo: The greenery of the city

A summary assessment of health status and static stability is provided. However, internal decay of trees does not always coincide with external destruction, and therefore, primarily for the purpose of scientific research, the Institute of Lowland Forestry and the Environment supplemented its collection of portable equipment with IML. PD 400 Series Resistor Institute.

A resistograph is a device that measures the density of a tree based on the resistance it provides when a resistograph needle (3 mm in diameter at the thickest end) penetrates at a constant speed. In this way, the internal structure of the wood can be determined, i.e. the shape of the hidden chambers or at different stages of decay.

Since the device is designed so that one can use it, the health control process itself depends on the methodology.

Specifically, the methodology we apply includes butt and chest height drilling or established based on the client’s request.

The device reliably displays measurement results on a 1: 1 screen, which can be retrieved from the site using a portable printer or processed into software.

The software offers a variety of possibilities, among other things, the display of different measurement segments in different colors, as well as the automatic detection of rot or chambers. In damaged wood structures, cracks or rot, the needle is practically impermeable and the graphic curve has low values.

In addition to this function, the tool also assists in the analysis of the years, i.e., the age of the tree is determined based on the differences in the structure of the early and late trees that have been visually recorded for years.

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Damage to the wood after use of the tool is minimal, and the chip left in the 4.5 mm diameter chamber also contributes to faster healing. Along with the procedures implemented in the field, a report is prepared, which contains an instruction for follow-up according to the current condition of the tree.

Each tree is approached individually. There is no safe tree and regular monitoring can prevent unnecessary damage and accidents. So far, health control has been implemented in 11 locations in Novi Sad, but there are needs in other cities as well, according to Grodsky Selen.

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