Discovery of tectonic mass on Venus

Discovery of tectonic mass on Venus

Venus may be the hottest planet in our solar system, but new evidence suggests that it may be very similar to Earth.

According to the “Science Alert” website, scientists have found evidence that tectonic masses can rub together on the surface of Venus, which are not like Earth’s tectonic plates, but move in much the same way.

The research team found that the rocks in the lower regions of Venus rotated and moved relative to each other horizontally.

The scientists explained that this discovery would not only provide important details about Venus, but would also help to better understand the evolution of plate tectonics on Earth.

“We have identified a previously unrecognized tectonic morphology on Venus that is driven by internal motion as it does on Earth,” said lead researcher Paul Byrne and astronomer Paul Byrne at North Carolina State University.

“Although it is different from Earth’s tectonic plates, there is still evidence that internal motion appears on the planet’s surface,” he added.

Contrary to the traditional view of the second planet in the Solar System, the new results fit the picture of Venus as a very “desire for life.”

Sky News Arabia reports that the discovery comes at a time when the European Space Agency has announced plans to launch a spacecraft orbiting the “space planet” in the early 2030s.

Although the two planets are similar in size and structure, a query called “Invention” is used to explain why Venus is different from Earth.

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