Discovery of parts of the Moon in the orbit of Mars

Discovery of parts of the moon in the orbit of Mars

After studying the spectral properties of an asteroid orbiting in astronomy, astronomers believe that it is a part of the Moon that was previously separated.

They studied the asteroid 101429 (1998 VF31) among the Trojan asteroids – small celestial bodies located 60 degrees in front of and behind the planets. Currently, astronomers have identified 7681 asteroids of this type, of which 7642 are in the orbit of Jupiter and nine are in the orbit of Mars, with the exception of 101429, all of which belong to the Eureka family. Asteroid 5261 Eureka and a group of rocks separated from it.

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Why do the moons of Mars disappear?

Astronomers at the Arma Observatory in Northern Ireland have used an X-shooter spectrometer installed on the European Southern Observatory’s VLT telescope in Chile to determine why the asteroid 101429 has a special location, researchers said. The spectrum of this asteroid is different from other asteroids, and its resemblance to that of the Moon.

“The spectrum of this asteroid is almost identical to that of the moon, exposing the base rocks, such as the interior of craters and mountains,” said astronomer Galina Borisova.

The lead author adds: “Initially, the shape of the solar system was very different from what we see today. The space between the newly formed planets was filled with debris, so collisions were a natural phenomenon.”

Larger asteroids constantly collide with the Moon and other planets, so as a result of these collisions, a portion of the Moon detached and then entered the orbit of Mars while in the formation phase of the planet. The cloud of Trojan asteroids was taken.

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Some scientists believe that the asteroid 101429 detached from Mars as a result of a severe collision, which over time gained a spectrum similar to that of the Moon as it was exposed to solar energy erosion.

To reach the final conclusion, scientists have decided to continue studying the asteroid with more powerful spectroscopy equipment, which will provide more information on future missions to Mars.

Source: Novosti

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