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Discovery of a strange orbiting and burning planet …

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New Europe Telescope Revealed CHEOPS Who is studying the planets for a detailed analysis of a hot alien planet, as launched by the European Space Agency?That’s itExoplanet satellite, nicknamed last December CHEOPS, Who started scientific observations in April.

According to the site “Space“It simply came to our notice then CHEOPS Inform scientists to locate extraterrestrial planets, instead of creating images of them, in the first published results of the mission scientists were on a mission CHEOPS From that, they were able to create a detailed image of a planet WASP-189b, First discovered in 2018.

Said project scientist Kate Isaac CHEOPS In a statement from the European Space Agency: This is the first result from this CHEOPS Very exciting, the promise of accuracy and performance is the earliest evidence that the mission is being fulfilled. “

Notes CHEOPS Until it comes WASP-189b It is a planet orbiting an alien star, which is why mission scientists chose to study this planet during the space shuttle era itself.

The superhead star is also very hot, appearing blue, and the planet is very close to the star in 2.7 Earth days.

“At this high temperature, very few planets orbit the stars, this system is the brightest ever,” said Monica Lindell, an astronomer at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and lead researcher in a new study. .

Lindell added, “Because Exoplanet WASP-189b Very close to its star, the side of its day is so bright that we can even measure the amount of light lost as the planet passes behind its star. “

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