Discover U2’s new title, “Your Song Saves My Life”, one of the songs in “Tous N Scene 2”.

Discover U2's new title, "Your Song Saves My Life", one of the songs in "Tous N Scene 2".

This Wednesday evening, the legendary Irish group U2 unveils a new track, “Your song saved my life”. A beautiful ballad that takes place in an animated film, not in an upcoming album

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It’s a ballad, quiet and efficient, as Bono and U2 always know how to design (I still have not found what I was looking for, With or without you, One …). This Wednesday at 8:30 pm a sharp part was unveiled. In prime time, in short. As the event marks. Because a new title from the Irish group, which has sold 157 million albums and has a 40-year career, is actually an event. Although he has not announced a new album. But an animated film.

Your song saved my life Is actually a soundtrack Everything in Scene 2, Which will be released in theaters on December 22, with its first installment grossing over 3.5 million in France in 2016. All the soundtrack of this Everything in Scene 2 Available upon release, and may feature other (unpublished) U2 titles.

Everything in Scene 2 The 61-year-old singer has voiced the lion character of the world’s lone rock star, Clay Calloway, marking Bono’s first steps in animated cinema.

The news group took advantage of this new song to keep up to date on social networks. In addition to creating a profile on Tik Tok (which has over one billion active users per month), Bono & co has also provided users with some of their hits.

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Note, finally, that we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic album on November 18th. Be careful baby. For this occasion, the group can find some archives excerpted from its previous tours. In the meantime, this Your song saved my life Enjoy without reservation!


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