Discover the planet Mill in other galaxies outside the Milky Way! This is the first


Today’s Webdesk: There are eight planets in our known solar system. There are innumerable planets outside the world of the Sun, which we call Exoplanets. So far, 4,000 exoplanets have been found in our Milky Way galaxy. But this time NASA scientists have discovered a planet that is not in this galaxy. Scientists have discovered a planet in another galaxy 27 million light years away.

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This is the first time we have seen a planet outside our galaxy with the help of NASA’s Lunar Observatory Telescope. This has created great excitement in the scientific world. The distance between the planets in the Milky Way galaxy is a maximum of 3,000 light-years. But the newly discovered planet is 2.6 light-years away. The galaxy that discovered it is called Messier 51 or M51.
However, the possibility of life on this planet is considered to be completely impossible. Because it’s like Saturn in our solar system. The planet is also known to revolve around a black hole. Rosen de Stefano, the study’s lead author, said new planets could be discovered with the help of X – rays. Our goal is to explore more new types of worlds. In this way, planets in other galaxies were also discovered.

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