Discover the only snake in Ireland (Legend of St. Padreig) •

Discover the only snake in Ireland (Legend of St. Padreig) •

Do you like snakes? In the main game of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla You have met some of them. If you are not a snake friend, Ireland should be yours in the DLC The wrath of the Druids Liked earlier.

There is only one snake here. One that needs to be tracked if you want to get a specific benefit. This is the victory or the trophy “The Legend of St. Padreig”. Your task: to kill the only snake in Ireland.

Now Ireland is not exactly small and you are definitely wondering where to find this snake among all the mountains, lakes and forts. Finding people without clues seems like a long-term thing. Fortunately, we have the answer for you!

Location of the only snake in Ireland

The snake is in the area Measure – In the center of the area where the moors are located.

If you have already disclosed the card, take a good look at it. In the middle you will see two white dots indicating the local karak act objects. One is maid lettering on the map and the other is a little further south – that’s what you’re looking for.

Of course it’s not carnivorous, but snakes are there! North of Port Fast Travel Point or you can easily reach the location Trading Posts Leos Darach Heading north.

Here you can find the snake.

If you approach the location, you will find one there Abandoned churchThere is a cursed sign in it. But this is not important for the snake. When you come to the church through the main entrance, go straight Remains in the next room.

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You can see two boxes and one there Great vase. If you destroy this vase, it will come The snake Forward. Now you have to kill them and the victory or trophy should be yours!

She hides in this bowl.

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