Discover Ireland: Travel Tip: 3 Adventures You Can Only Experience in Ireland!

Become an Explorer in Ireland: Here you will find the best travel tips for an unforgettable vacation in the Emerald Isle.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Have you been to Ireland? The rugged beauty of the island between the North Sea and the Atlantic will fascinate you – in many ways.

Steep cliffs, deep blue lakes, lush green meadows, and witnesses of millennial history will lure you to active cities such as Dublin or Belfast, along with their Joy de Vivre and their cozy inhabitants. Discovering this destination of diversity, enjoy a vacation as you have always dreamed of.

After all, you can reach your destination in less than two hours from any German airport. If you are planning a trip with a camper or you want to travel slowly, a ferry crossing is a good idea. Here are our options: a city break, road trips or a great outdoor experience – what do you want? We have prepared for you some inspiring tips that will definitely make you curious about this island. And so on Press the green Start button – Ireland is waiting for you!

1. Calling Dublin – Your city trip to the Irish Metropolis

Dublin is calling
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Energetic and always in motion – this is Dublin on the east coast of Ireland. This city’s brilliance, Lonely Planet Reservoir calls it “Best Travel Destination 2022“Received the award. You’ll find many of Dublin – eco-friendly – pedestrian and bicycle lanes, go to sea in a short time and get to know the diverse museum scene.

Much revolves around Dublin’s literature, not surprisingly: the world-famous author of “Ulysses”, James Joyce, is the son of the city, and is honored accordingly, for example the theme city walks. By the way: Joyce’s bestseller celebrates its 100th birthday in 2022 – no better reason to take a city trip to Dublin …

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Hapenny Bridge in Dublin
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Once you get there, it’s off: you’ll find pub culture with lots of live music near the Hapenny Bridge, just like the dream-like tourist attractions around. Take a dip in Forty Foot, South County Dublin. The famous bathhouse is open all year round for swimming and diving in the Irish Sea. Make up your own mind about what James Joyce called the “snot-green sea”. Also highly recommended: St. Patrick’s Day events in March. The patron saint of the island is all over Ireland. Take it!

2. Back on the Road – Discovery tours through the real Ireland

Discovery tours through Ireland
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Crashing surf is always in sight, the smell of the sea in your nostrils and the refreshing breeze on your face – a road trip through the coastal roads of Ireland is probably one of the most magical journeys of all time. You have been selected because you can explore the most diverse areas.

Northern Ireland – the country with the greatest spirit

Your road trip starts from Belfast, the historic capital of Northern Ireland. Cultural diversity and numerous attractions await you – including the “Titanic Belfast” Museum. There is a unique display in the magnificent building: here you sink deeper into the myths and destiny of the cruise ship. You begin a fantasy journey to the famous locations in the Game of Thrones series near Belfast: there are 25 shooting locations for the cult series more than anywhere else in the world. The Linen Mill Studio in Banbridge will soon be offering tours of the production studio. cheer up Belfast and surroundings!

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Wild Atlantic Way – The beautiful west coast of Ireland

Huge cliffs, spraying sprays, and the ocean’s absolutely defining attitude to life: 2,500 km long Via the Wild Atlantic The west coast of Ireland is the longest designated coastal road in the world, and your road trip through Ireland will be a lifetime journey. A special highlight is the mohair cliffs in County Clare: here you are so close to the elements, experience the mysterious power of space. By the way: In summer, the coast between Sligo and Donegal is a popular surfing spot.

Everything about history – the fascinating history of Ireland

The fascinating history of Ireland
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From the Wild West to the fascinating East: Here you can experience the history of the country up close. Stone witnesses over 5,000 years old await you Myths and stories, Ancient riddles and mysteries. Walk through the narrow streets of Waterford at the footsteps of the Vikings and discover the city’s medieval treasures. Or climb the legendary hill of Tara in County Meath, which is considered the castle of the gods, and let your thoughts flow. A journey through the ancient East of Ireland brings to life the most beautiful landscapes of the past …

We are nature – the green heart of the island

The Green Heart of Ireland
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Welcome to the warm heart of Ireland, where water, space and desolation welcome you. The majestic river, the serene lake landscape, the dreamy villages, the untouchable nature and the warm-hearted people – an area where you can take long breaths and recharge your batteries awaits you on this journey. Have you ever wanted to rent a houseboat and relax on the river with your family? The Shannon, the longest river in the country, promises exactly that. By the way: 4,000 lakes invite you to stay in the green heart of the island, and there are numerous offers for outdoor sports enthusiasts: from stand-up rowing, cycling, horseback riding to hiking, highway tours and treetop walks.

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3. Outdoor Adventures – Discover Ireland while hiking

Discover Ireland while hiking
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This island is a real paradise Hiking and outdoor lovers! Circular hiking trails, various routes along the Irish coast, and high hills and mountains. No matter where your hiking boots take you, you can enjoy the beautiful view and get to know Ireland from a completely new perspective.

Incidentally, the Lonely Planet Reiseverlag is just as exciting as ours, having recently selected seven of the most beautiful Irish hiking trails in Europe. A particular highlight is the “way of national famine”. Opened only in June 2021, it offers a historic outdoor experience for bikers and pedestrians. The “Royal Canal Greenway” is not recommended. For a distance of 130 km, it takes you along the old waterways along the historic east of the country. You can find more tips on hiking and biking here Kumot And on the podcast “Hiking in Ireland”.

Do you want to know more about Ireland or plan your next trip to this beautiful island? Press the green Start button at Also learn more about all that Ireland has to offer.

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