Discover 5 dog breeds that require extra care

Discover 5 dog breeds that require extra care

In the UK, a veterinarian went viral on social media after posting a video in which he warned people about which breeds of dogs need proper training before being allowed indoors. In this viral content, he highlights five breeds that are difficult to adapt to when not properly trained.

However, this does not mean that you should abandon your pet, but be aware of certain situations that require extra attention. Now check out which items the British mentioned!

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Find out which breeds need training before moving into your home


When we see one of these puppies for the first time, what comes to mind is: how cute! However, despite the sweet folds and its angelic face, this breed is known for many health problems throughout its life. For this reason, in addition to a natural training, you need to invest in special care to have this species at home.

Cavalier the king Charles Spaniel

Dogs of this breed are very playful and funny. However, their health condition is not very favorable as they are always sick. Most of these dogs have heart problems which lead to heart failure. Therefore, like the Shar-Pei, medical care should be a priority with this breed.

Flat-faced dogs

Don’t worry, you didn’t misread it. It is not a breed of dog, but includes all those with flat noses, such as pugs and bulldogs. They have many health problems and are always weak and constantly sick. Here, care must be redoubled.

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These dogs are highly sought after for adoption, but they need proper training before going home. It is still important to remember that they have a problem affecting the spine as they age.

chow chow

This breed is famous for its temperament, so it needs a lot of training. You can find calm and quiet dogs of this breed, but, in general, experts in this field do not advise keeping them at home.

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