Disappearing amazing championships

Disappearing amazing championships

In motorsport, there have been numerous championships, sometimes duplicates. But there were also some amazing championships.

A1 Grand Prix (2005 – 2009)

What if nations fight for a league title like a football World Cup? This is the project of Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, a member of the Dubai family. Especially with the help of Tony Texeira, the new championship is one-of-a-kind, with a chassis created by Lola and a Zytech V8 powered. Cooper supplies the tires.

The first match will take place on the weekend of September 25, 2005 at the Brand Hatch Circuit in Great Britain. This is the first round of a season of 11 meetings. To represent France, Alexander Primat and Nicolas Lapierre are summoned. Both assisted in the formation of Jean-Paul Droid, leading France to victory over Switzerland and Great Britain.

The second season begins on October 1, 2006 at the Sandwort Circuit in the Netherlands, when the championship fighter leaves the organization. In Mexico, Germany won with the help of Nico Hulkenberg, who replaced Christian Vitoris. New Zealand and Great Britain completed the podium. In the final season of Lola Chassis and Sytech Engine, Neil Johnny gives Switzerland the title of Season 3. New Zealand and Great Britain completed the final podium again.

The final season of the championship took place between 2008 and 2009, with a single-seater Ferrari equipped by Michelin. Two matches were canceled but Adam Carroll led Ireland to the final victory. But the problems of the series will cause it to disappear in 2010.

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In 2014, ISRA (International Sports Racing Association), which purchased the first generation of A1GP single-seater, launched Formula Acceleration 1, the championship of the countries where the Netherlands won. This new championship will merge with AutoGP next season. For the Ferrari generation, all single seaters were purchased by AFRIX Motorsport.

Super League Formula (2008 – 2011)

What if we had a World Cup for football clubs? This is the basis of the concept of the Super League formula, which is far removed from the lawns of football stadiums. The principle is simple: single-seater bears the image of football teams, competing in circuits to win the championship. The series was co-founded by Alex Andrew and Robin Webb. Panos builds the chassis, Menard builds the V12, and Michelin sets up the single-seater.

The first champion club was Beijing Guan, a single-seater driven by David Reagan. PSV Einhoven and AC Milan complete the top 3. The next championship was won by Liverpool FC, with Adrian Wallace leading Tottenham Hotspur and FC Basel in 1893. Olympic Lyonnais finished 17th. RSC Anderlecht won the third season with David Rigon. Tottenham Hotspur and FC Basel completed the podium in 1893. Girontins de Bordeaux is 11th and Olympic Leonis is 18th.

After the color of football clubs, the Super League formula takes an old idea, it’s nations! But the championship was reduced to two matches, giving Australia the victory. The championship disappears after four seasons.

Bordeaux Super League Formula

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