Diplomacy: Changes coming this summer for some “big” positions

Diplomatie: des changements à venir cet été pour certains "gros" postes

Dirk Achen, a former journalist who went on to preside over the FPS Foreign Management Committee, threatens diplomats in the Netherlands – The Sawyer in the Netherlands says he will leave The Hague and diplomacy next August.

Heigl, who has agreed to retire, will be replaced by Anik van Coulter, director general of bilateral affairs within the department.

In Rome, Ambassador Frank Carrot will also retire at the end of July. His successor will be Pierre-Emmanuel de Bowe from Ireland, who has been Director of Communications at the Royal Palace for eighteen years. The Dublin Embassy will be headed by Diplomat Karen Van Vlierberg.

In Rabat, Ambassador Mark Trentiso will pave the way for Voronic Petit and join the central administration of the SPF in Brussels. In Canada, Patrick van Gogh, the successor to Johann Verkman, known as the head of the embassy in Mexico, reports the same circles.

Bert Verszmessen, Benoit Ryland’s successor to Rwanda, became the new head of the mission. He led the Brussels team that helped the Belgian representation in New York during the two years of the Belgian presence on the Security Council in 2019 and 2020.

Still in Africa, Peter Madden will become the “post chief” in Kenya after his stay in Argentina and succeed Nicholas Nihon.

In Israel, Belga told the agency that Wilfred Pfeiffer would succeed Daniel Haven.

In Canberra, Michael Goffin from the Australian capital, Philippines, will be Mark Mullie’s successor. William Aselbon will replace Bart de Groove, who is based in Bosnia-Herzegovina in Doha (Qatar).

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Alexis de Crombruge de Piquendele, Ambassador from the Kazakh capital, Noor-Sultan, will welcome Finland.

In Central and Latin America, a number of changes are expected: in Cuba, Jean-Jacques Bastian will replace Guy Sevre from Niger and Michael Devas from Niger in Panama, replacing Mark van de Wrecken Coenard Lenerout after Jean-Roxas.

In Mexico, Johann Werkammen will fill the vacancy left by Ambassador Antoine Evard, then head of the staff of Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmas (MR) after serving as Charles’ diplomatic adviser. Michelle.

As ‘Le Sawyer’ suggests, some other assignments still remain. This is the case with Yannick Minsier, who was approached as ambassador to Buenos Aires, but Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS) will join the cabinet.

This also applies to the Guinean-Conakry, Kuwait (where Ambassador Leo Peters retires), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Kazakhstan and the Consulate General in Chennai (India).

Ministry spokesman Carl Lagatti will replace New York’s Karen van Vlierberg in second place at the UN. Diplomatic sources said his successor has not yet been appointed.

In all, more than 60 posts in 181 of the Belgian diplomatic network (embassies, consulates, permanent representation) are affecting the diplomatic movement this year.

Belgian diplomats average every three years, sometimes four. With a few exceptions, the rule is that two expatriates return to the central administration of the SPF.

The list circulating in diplomatic circles must be formally approved and submitted for royal signature before it can be published on the monitor.

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