Digital Tools Update Liability Decided: What’s Changing

Digital Tools Update Liability Decided: What's Changing

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In Austria, the National Council decided enhancements for users Guarantee And IT security Of dependent products January 1, 2022 Be valid. New is the first time digital products and services have been considered.

Robot vacuum cleaner, Smart watches, Cell phones Or Streaming services: Now comes one for all digital devices and services Update liability“, The Chamber of Labor (AK) is responsible for consumer policy sagubik Gabriel in Vienna, explains in an interview given to phyuccarseanin. Services that require updates include apps, e-books, and streaming offers for music or videos.

The obligation to update also applies to ebook readers, for example

IT security must be ensured

Digital hardware, software, applications, and services equipment manufacturers to provide updates and operating systems. This is to ensure the functionality of the devices on the one hand and IT security on the other.

Manufactures a responsibility to provide software updates yet. But more and more products such as vacuum cleaners, watches and children’s toys are being networked and connected to the Internet. This means that you are not free from security threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans or other malware. Security updates similar to computers help prevent various attack situations.

At least 2 years, but usually more

But how long manufacturers are obliged to update, and therefore have to guarantee the functionality and safety of their products, is unclear in the legal text. “Overall, the manufacturer is obliged to provide updates, For at least 2 years. However, anyone who terminates an existing contract for a specified or indefinite period of time is entitled to use it without any defects for the entire term of the obligation to pay it, ”says AK expert Sagubik.

However, the wording of the law states that the obligation to update applies to many products that are “reasonably expected” by the consumer – usually for more than 2 years. In other countries as well, the EU directive to enforce the law has been vaguely implemented. Germany recently passed a similar law using a similar word.

How to interpret this phearmulesan

For example, if you buy a high-priced product made with particularly high-quality materials, or the manufacturer has made an advertising offer, you as a consumer can expect to receive updates for a longer period of time than cheaper. Part with similar functionality. “In the case of long-lasting products such as networked washing machines, the expected shelf life is definitely more than 2 years,” says Sagubik.

In Germany, the digital association Bitcom said providers should communicate clear update periods when selling their products and services, otherwise there may be uncertainties. Bitcoin Managing Director Bernard Rohleder says transparent communication is needed.

“This is a great benefit to users, because you no longer teliyikkentatilla varuttiyittillenn damage, but if you bought your device has already been shown Dealers prove the disability.”

Gabriel Zagubic | A K and consumer protection expert

Warranty to change the weight of the evidence

The warranty on the items purchased is still applicable after this legal update 2 years. But even here, there are some changes that users can evaluate qualitatively: In the event of a defect, the entrepreneur will have to prove in the future for at least one year after purchase that the defect does not already exist when the product is delivered. “It is also known as Changing the weight of the evidence It is valid for only 6 months, “explains Zgubic.

E.kiyute Consumer Counsel’s opinion, the use of electronic devices, refer to the wrong clients or your preferred dealer “has been thought that there is a dangerous jalanastam”. According to Zgubic, the EU proposal will have one Extension for 2 years Setting up. This exemption But it is not being exploited in Austria. “However, this is still a huge benefit to consumers because you no longer have to prove that you have not been damaged, instead retailers need to prove that the device did not show this defect when you purchased it,” the consumer attorney said.

Where can I claim the warranty?

You can place claims directly on the person who purchased a product. When purchasing equipment in stores, please contact Merchant. To purchase directly from the manufacturerSomeone turns there. If you have a ulppannamuntea? Amazon Bought, depends on what you buy the product directly from one of the participants in your contract, or online ritteyilaril. “It’s another matter whether the practical implementation works well in this situation. However, when it comes to customer service from Amazon, we usually hear only a few complaints, ”says Zgubic. “However, the contract partner is always difficult when you’re in another country. You have to take that into account when buying, ”says the consumer lawyer.

Warranty also applies digital services. They gave the money which you are using your data jan’yamanenkilum Com. Another positive change for consumers is that in the future retailers will not be able to charge a fee to determine if this is a warranty case or not. “So far people have tried to dissuade people,” Sagubik explains.

Improvements, but pearaymakaleate

On the whole, as well as new “warranty Directive Implementation Act”, a strange name of the law, brings a number of improvements. However, this was a little below expectations. “The legislature would also have the opportunity to extend the warranty period for long-term appliances such as dishwashers. Hope for shelf life Match. All EU member states have the option to selectively, and this lever was not used to obtain durable products, ”says Sagubik. MEP Astrid Rosler (Greens) responded that the longevity of the products should be anchored in many legal matters and will be implemented in stages in the future.

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