Digital partitioning: Experts encourage grandparents to open up and grandchildren to wait patiently

Digital partitioning: Experts encourage grandparents to open up and grandchildren to wait patiently

Mental health expert Eniko Bereski told InfoRedys that conscious use of a smartphone can help bring generations closer together. As he said, breaking prejudices can help parents and grandparents by showing them how useful everything can be learned online – perhaps by presenting instructional videos.

Don’t shut down your grandparents right away because there are so many disadvantages to using the Internet, ”said generational experts. Instead, ask questions to reflect on a critical meaning and reflection in children and whether it really fits in with their or their family’s values. Therefore, he thinks opening is very important because it can be seen that families who do not use the internet are fewer and fewer.

Younger people can pay for younger generation’s patience with older people – Enika Bereski added

It is worth taking the time and slowing down a bit to do this,

This is because it is a big problem that it is difficult for young people to delay their needs and provide until their desires are met, which can help the elderly. If this is accomplished, you can talk a lot and share values ​​by presenting your favorite movies and books, and you can learn a lot from it, experts explained. He believes that any kind of quick start will somehow be effective for the older generation, but it is not always good to entrust this “training” to your grandson. “Parents may want to talk to their grandparents about it.”

Finally, Eniko Bereski described the steps taken by the National Media and Communications Authority Netre Fell! An educational website provides additional helpful tips and practical guides for using a smart device for the elderly.

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