Digi doesn’t allow you to open ports without paying, unless it’s a specific one

Digi doesn't allow you to open ports without paying, unless it's a specific one

You know that DG uses a variety of routers that are currently installed and installed later. However, the process for that Open ports on a router If you have entered into a rate agreement with this company it has a specific detail. Basically, because we have to pay to open them. Otherwise, the operator of Romanian origin will not allow us to carry out this process.

Not only do you have to know exactly how to do this on your digi router model, but you have to pay extra to the operator so that you can open the ports of your devices at any time. . In particular, you will have to pay Connection Plus service the operator.

Digi Connection Plus

If you still don’t know, The Romanian operator uses CG-NAT For internet connections. What does it contain? It is an IPv4 network design tool. The communication ends are configured with private network addresses, which are translated into public addresses.

And, in general, it doesn’t affect our normal internet usage. However, we will meet that fact We cannot open ports or VPN servers, NAS and other services. For this reason, more and more users are calling the operator to contract this service and open ports.

Also, with this device, it is possible to use the same public IPv4 to associate different private IPv4 addresses at the same time. Hence, in case of DG, All internet fees They are accompanied by CG-NAT, mobile inclusive and fiber only.

However, if we want to deactivate it from our rates, we will have to pay for the service Plus connection. The main inconvenience we find is that we need Pay 1 euro per month To enjoy this alternative. So, we’ve had no luck disabling CG-NAT for free on DG, except for one port in particular.

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Which port can be opened for free?

So, to get the option to open the ports of our digi router, we must activate the connection plus service. So, if you haven’t activated it yet, you can contact their customer service department Calling 1200 (Free from Digi Network) Or 642 642 642 (from another operator).

However, as we told you before, there is a special situation where it is not necessary to rent this additional service, for which we will have to pay 1 euro more per month in our rates. Especially if we need to Open port 25 It is not necessary as we need to contact the Romanian operator to open it. A port used by the SMTP protocol to send email. So, if this is our case, there is no problem because it will be free and easy.

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