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Difficulties of the European Response to Kovid-19

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The European Union is one of the largest markets in the world, but its size may not be an asset in this period of the Cowboys: when it comes to population immunization, first and foremost, the states, Israel or the United Kingdom, are clearly blaming the EU. On the other hand, the policies decided by each member state regarding the opening and closing of museums, cafes or hairdressers, which are very different from one country to another, give the impression of inconsistencies.

Vaccines were the last part of the tunnel of the health crisis. But delays in deliveries within the EU have dampened many expectations. A woman is at the center of the turmoil: it is German Ursula von der Lane, president of the European Commission. Yesterday (February 1, 2021) they received the support of Chancellor Angela Merkel. In Germany, the media and the opposition are shooting at her. Details from Berlin Julian McCauley.

The beginning of a return to normalcy these days Italy, With the reopening of museums. Fran‌ois Beretti Went to Office Gallery In Florence. The joy and emotion of the visitors was evident.

The face of the biggest anti-mafia trial of recent times: Nicola Gratteri.

In Italy, After years of investigation and a persistence that forced the Italian prosecutor to respect his opponents Nicola Grattery Takes his revenge. He has succeeded in convicting more than 350 people, all of whom are linked to Calabria’s organized crime, ‘Androngetta. The trial began in mid-January 2021. Portrait of Nicola Gratteri Vincent Saurio.

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Women fight

In Ireland, Speech is free. Abortion was legalized by referendum two years ago. Erin Darcy publishes a collection of testimonies from women who faced a strict ban on abortion; Title: In her shoes, In his shoes. Emeline wine Saw her.

At Kosovo, A movie, Hive. Director Blerta Basholi tells the story of Fahriz’s struggle to regain control of his destiny. The film premiered at the popular Sundance Film Festival this weekend. Louis Sealer.

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