Difficult puzzle to charge protocols and our chargers

Difficult puzzle to charge protocols and our chargers


Some charging protocols mean that our mobile cannot be charged with other chargers

It has happened to all of us. We run out of battery at a friend’s or relative’s house and ask for a charger. Since we both have USB-C, we ask for someone else’s charger with the unwavering hope that our mobile device can be charged. Big mistake. Our friend or family charger does not work on our phone. Resigned, we decide to either deactivate our device, or if possible connect to a computer or USB port for charging … Are you familiar with these words?

Different brands are releasing more powerful chargers

Then the million dollar question is clear. Why does our mobile phone not work on another mobile phone’s charger? The answer is simple, we will explain it below: Charging protocols.

The needs of the past are not present

The chargers that were there a few years ago have changed today. Previously, it did not matter how long it took to charge the phone. The batteries will last a long time to keep our device for days, So it was not urgent to charge our device. Also, the technology is not developed enough Each company used a different loading port Thus there were different chargers and thus each company was forced to buy accessories.

Today, with the increase in screens, processor power, and even improvements in the form of batteries, Our devices need to be charged an average of once or twice a day. In this sense, fast charging is a good ally when you have a device. We think, a while ago About fast chargingTechnology that enables us to load faster at our terminals.

Loading protocols, it is unknown

Today, with USB-C, the amperage companies have changed Use different charging protocols. This is why some chargers do not work on our mobile devices. In this case the battle that offers fast charging technology is that every company wants to use its fast charging technology. In this case, the different charging protocols we see today emerged. But Users are still more of an issue than help.

OPPO Flash Charge

Companies like Oppo are implementing new fast charging protocols

Some charging standards, such as OPPO Each company uses a specific technology. The same thing happens with charging technologies from companies like Samsung, Apple or Qualcomm Charging Standard. This means that sometimes one device’s charger is not suitable for use in another, or the load on our terminal is not as fast as we would like.

Integration of charging protocols, the solution we need

Why not just use a charger that works on all our devices? It will be the best solution possible for the customers. For example, the difference should be how long you can charge your phone with a single charger The protocol should be universal.

Thus, a phone can adapt to the load of that charger, for example, we can save a lot in terms of environment. In this case, time will tell the future, but not in Europe They want to have USB-C phones IPhones use USB-C and standardize everything.

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