Didi Haman thinks Ireland will cause problems for Portugal –

Ireland had a comprehensive victory over Qatar on Tuesday night, another achievement for Stephen Kenny. Didi Haman’s song is expected to change on Saturday as Ireland say Portugal will cause problems in next month’s qualifiers.

Haman did not think it would be easy for Romando and his allies to qualify in November, which would require a decision to automatically qualify for the Portuguese national team. In Dublin,

Thibhamann thinks Portugal will be afraid of Dublin

More than a month after the narrow flight from Ireland to Algarve, the Portuguese players will return to Dublin.

Irish goalkeeper Gavin Pasu saves a penalty shot from Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo during a World Cup qualifier between Portugal and the Republic of Ireland in Estadio Algarve, Portugal. Photo of Sebdali / Sportsfile

The atmosphere around Stephen Kenny’s camp looks different than it was before the first match against Portugal, with seven goals, two empty games and two clear wins in four days, easing some pressure on the former Dantalk coach.

Didi Haman appeared on Artie Coverage about Ireland’s 4-0 win over Qatar, saying he felt the Portuguese national team was afraid to face the Irish next month.

This is good news for Stephen and Ireland – and good news for Serbia. Portugal is not expected to come here to demand a decision.

Portugal are battling for the top spot in the group with Serbia, currently one point behind Serbia. Both will advance to the final round of team matches, meaning a decision in Dublin will be crucial for Portugal.

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Haman added that Ireland is slowly gaining strength, adding that while he predicts that Stephen Kenny will still be lucky to get the job, the team showed more style than in previous games in Tuesday’s victory. Under Kenny.

No matter how World Cup finalist and Champions League winner Ireland play against Qatar, they can lead to any team in the world – even Portugal.

Haman was very vocal about the red card against Cristiano Ronaldo, the time limit for bringing in comments like John Egan, and the injustices that Ireland experienced in the Faroe Islands.

Didi Haman’s prophecy about Ireland-Portugal will make music in the ears of Irish fans, if any, boys Blue The tattoo will get some kind of result in next month’s game, which will put an end to the unforgettable qualification campaign on a large scale.

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