“Did you test Hitler’s DNA?” – Weather

"Did you test Hitler's DNA?"  - Weather

On talk shows, there are more and more journalists and commentators who come to bring the Russian perspective. But the positions between the Italian commentators and those in Moscow are incompatible, and we often end up in a confrontation with joy. Like the surrealistic clash on Tuesday, May 3 at 8:30, La7’s program. Lilio Gruber’s guest is Yulia Vidyaseva, a journalist born in Ukraine but supported by Russia and Vladimir Putin. Among various topics, an interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was aired on May 1, sparking controversy over the Kremlin’s call of a loyal man who gave the truth, calling Mario Draghi a “rally.”

While talking about Russian President Volodymyr Selensky and Ukraine’s “denationalization”, Lavrov’s departure from Adolf Hitler, who said he had a Jewish origin, caused a great deal of controversy. Gruber asks the host for a claim, and Newsfront reporter Seraphic replies: “So what bothered you? Do you have any evidence to substantiate this fact?” “This is a historical fact” blunts Lina Palmerini of Sol 24 Ore. Then the Russian journalist replies: “Do you have an analysis of Hitler’s DNA? Do you have it? No one.” In short, no one can deny Lavrov, because there is no scientific evidence, and it seems to be the rationale for a different service. Any dialog seems useless.

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