Did Danny Boon cheat Ireland out of €6.7 million?

Did Danny Boon cheat Ireland out of €6.7 million?

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Scam – Was Danny Boon a victim of a scam in Ireland? Director of Welcome to Ch’tis The daily reports that a complaint was filed in mid-July against a mysterious man who allegedly defrauded him of millions of euros between April and July 2021. Irish Examiner.

His lawyer, Rosa Fanning SC, told the Irish court that her client was the victim of an “elaborate fraud” allegedly perpetrated by one Terry Birles. The man would introduce himself as a master from an old and rich family. Danny Boon alleges he was defrauded using a network of companies set up in Ireland and other jurisdictions.

It all started on Danny Boone’s yacht. The star would have invested more than 2.2 million euros in maintaining and refurbishing his boat using the services of the famous “Lord Birles”. The man would lead him to a company South Sea Merchants Mariners Limited Partnership (SSMM), created by his family over a hundred years ago.

In addition, Terry Birles is said to have offered to invest in a scheme affiliated with the Irish Central Bank to earn 3.25% tax-free interest. With this in mind, Danny Boon would have paid an extra €4.5 million under the alleged Lord’s advice.

But when Danny Boone learns that SSMM has been bought by an Italian family, some “Rossi”, he can feel the situation slipping away from him. The actor would have asked to return the amount injected into the company. But to his surprise, he was reportedly told that the new owners had already transferred the agent to accounts in South Korea and Panama.

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At this point, Danny Boone still trusted Lord Birles. But he fell off the top when a third person said he was the victim of a scammer with the same name.

After investigating, Danny Boone’s attorney told the court that SSMM was actually a former company, that the Rossi family never existed, and that all of the messages her client received were from Terry Birles.‘The Irish Examiner.

In total, about 6.7 million would have been deposited in the hands of individuals. Despite all his pleas, Danny Boone won’t get a dime back now. New hearings were due to take place last week, but the Irish court’s decision is not yet known.

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