DFDS has its Ireland terminal at Loon-Plaj

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Ten months after the launch of the new service to the port of Rosler, in the south of Ireland, DFDS has a new Ireland terminal in Dunkirk. In the town of Loon-Plaz in Quay de Lorraine, a new facility created by the Ports Authority was inaugurated at the request of the Danish operator.

The terminal is 6.8 hectares. Its platform can accommodate 300 ancillary trailers and 3,100 linear meter parking lines. It has a floating gangway that allows displacement up to 35,000 tons, width of 30 meters, and operation of ro-ro ships up to 220 tons of road convoys.

The port was created as part of Brexit, strengthening maritime service between Ireland and the European continent.

“On January 2, 2021, at 2 pm, the ship” Optima Beaches “set sail from Rossouiler to Dunkirk with more than 120 trucks, unmanned trailers and drivers,” recalls Dunkirk Harbor. The new DFDS route between the Irish port and the new Dunkirk terminal has officially begun, he underscores.

Advent of the “Regina Seaway”

In October, the 199-meter-long “Regina Seaways” with 114 cabins, 170 cargo exports, 600 cars and a thousand passengers joined “Visby”. DFDS provides five to six weekly rotations between Ireland and France.

The Dunkirk-Rosler line recorded a total of 40,000 units of cargo in the first three quarters of the year. Maurice Georges, President of the Port Management Board of the Dunkirk Port Company, praised the “efficient timing and daily frequency of the line operated by DFDS” during the inauguration of the terminal.

“Five to six weekly rotations provided by DFDS”

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