DFB team challenges Ukraine and Spain: Nations league has influence in World Cup qualification

Das Abschneiden in der Nations League hat Einfluss auf die Ausgangssituation bei der WM-Qualifikation.

The 2020 international year ended for the German national team with two matches in the Nations League. After the test against the Czech Republic, things will get serious again for the DFB team – because against Ukraine on Saturday (8.45pm).ZDF) Not only did they get a chance in the last four of the four best teams before the duel in Spain three days later. And dHis place in qualifying for the World Cup is in jeopardy. Why? Well, that’s not straightforward.


The The draw for the World Cup qualifiers will take place on December 7. After the games, the ten group winners buy tickets to the tournament in Qatar in December 2022. The other three places are given through playoffs – where the Nations League is played. The reason: In addition to the ten runners-up in the qualifiers, there are also two top group winners in the Nations League – unless they have qualified directly for the World Cup or the playoffs.

as well as In terms of FIFA world rankings, the upcoming games against Ukraine and Spain are important. The top ten European teams in the rankings for qualifying for the World Cup are in first place. Germany are currently in ninth place. If the DFB team is knocked out of the top ten and relegated to second place, it has the potential to overtake rivals such as Spain, France and England in qualifying for the World Cup – thus a difficult path to the World Cup.

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However, in the Nations League itself, it enters the final round: the winners of the A-League qualify for the final four, which take place in October 2021, and all other season winners are promoted, with all parts of the group going to their respective subordinate leagues. The SportBuzzer looks to the top two leagues, A and B: What is the situation after the last games so far in mid-October?

League A, Group 2

The 0-1 defeat against Denmark should not have happened to England. Gareth Southgate’s team was relegated to first and third place. The leaders are the Belgians who beat Iceland 2-1. They are nine points ahead of Dane and the English. Iceland remain bottom of the group with no points, the only nation to be relegated to the B-League.

League A, Group 3

European champions Portugal are on track to repeat their success in last year’s Nations League. The Iberians, who beat Sweden 3-0 in the final match so far, are still leaders in the third group. France, the reigning world champions in the rematch of the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia, pulled out of the attack 2-1. The German group rivals in EM, the Portuguese and the French, are sure to stand firm as they are tied at 10 points each. They have to shudder to stay in the league after beating Croatia (3) and meaningless Swedes.

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League A, Group 4

Germany failed to capitalize on Spain’s defeat (0-1) in Ukraine in a 3-3 draw against Switzerland. National coach Joaquim Low’s team is behind the Spaniards. In the final A-League group, the Iberians are seven points ahead of Germany and Ukraine (two and six), while Switzerland have two points so far and are trailing.

League b

In Season B1, after the victories over Romania and Northern Ireland, Austria and Norway (both 1-0) have a good chance of being eliminated and a place in the A-League in the final days of the tournament. On the last day a showdown comes up when we talk about a direct battle in Vienna. Both are tied with nine points. For Romania (4) and Northern Ireland (1), the final games have not all been relegated to the C-League. Here, too, there will be a decisive direct battle on November 18 in Belfast.

The Scots, who have not lost in nine games, have the best cards to advance to after a certain EM qualification for the B2 season. After beating the Czech Republic 1-0, the British have 10 points and the Czechs 6 points. A draw from the last two games would be enough for Scott, considering the best goal difference, to jump into the A-League – a win in any case. Israel (5) could stand on its own and threatened to deport Slovakia (1).

The battle for promotion and deportation is strong in the third B season, where leaders Russia (8) and Hungary (7) are tied, while Turkey (3) and Serbia (2) are slightly behind. Even the Russians and Hungarians could return to last place in the last two matches if they lose to Serbia and Turkey.

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Nothing decided in B4: Wales and Finland have high hopes for promotion, ten and nine points respectively after victories over Ireland (2) and Bulgaria (1). If the teams settle their mandatory assignments on the final match day (Wales visit Ireland, Finland travel to Bulgaria), the promotion will continue in Cardiff on November 18. Meanwhile, Irish and Bulgarians meet in Dublin; There will be a decision on who will be allowed to play in the second-highest Nations League class of the coming season.

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